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Chinese student poses as wealthy socialite to live in luxury in Beijing for free

Facebook takes down hundreds of fake Chinese accounts spreading COVID-19 disinformation

Chinese student Zou Yaqi was able to live in “luxury” for free in Beijing just by dressing up and acting like a socialite.

A socialite life: Zou reportedly spent 21 days in May eating free food, staying at luxury hotels, using VIP lounges and facilities and wearing expensive clothes and jewelry without spending a dime as part of an art project for her school, reported South China Morning Post

Filipina Teen Paints and Sews Her Own Prom Dress — The Result is Stunning

A creative Filipina teenager may have stumbled upon an unexpected career in fashion design after her high school graduation ball (prom night) gown of her own design and creation went viral in the Philippines.

According to Ciara Gan, she began designing and painting her own graduation ball gown after she was left disappointed by someone else’s attempt to help make the dress.

Tired of Wearing Uniqlo? Here are 9 Asian-Owned Clothing Brands to Check Out in 2019

Let’s face it: flexing your Uniqlo fits is getting harder and harder now that every Asian seems to be wearing the brand. But don’t worry; your friends at NextShark have you covered.

The following nine brands address a wide amount of price ranges with different styles, from streetwear to classics. These brands are also all Asian-owned. We’d like to give a special shout out to @asiangirlsunited on Instagram for inspiring our list; you can check out a link to theirs below.

Japanese Company Now Makes Kimonos With Hijabs for Muslim Women

Yumeyakata, a Japanese kimono rental store that caters to foreigners, is now offering wagara hijabs for Muslim women.

Muslim women visiting Kyoto, Japan with plans to rent out kimonos can now fully enjoy the experience with Yumayakata’s wagara hijabs that match their wide selection of traditional Japanese clothes for the price of 300 yen – reduced from its normal price of 500 yen ($2.73, $4.55), according to a press release via Grapee.

Asian and Black Ballerinas Can Now Buy Shoes to Match Their Skin Tone


Ballerina shoes have traditionally been more of a pink or cream color, but a collaboration in the UK has developed shoes for non-white ballet dancers. 

A dance company for Ethnic Minorities called Ballet Black and well-known manufacturer of dance shoes Freed of London have worked together to create shoes with colors that include “Ballet Bronze” and “Ballet Brown.”

Japanese Teen Shows Off Crazy Unique Style in Tokyo’s Famous Fashion District

A 15-year-old teenager with a very odd and yet interesting, taste in fashion is now becoming famous online after being pictured by an online fashion magazine on Omotesando-dori in Harajuku, Tokyo’s iconic and central district for cosplay and fashion.

Japanese high school student Hikaru on the street in Harajuku wearing a vintage blazer with two neckties, Yohji Yamamoto pants & Foot The Coacher buckle shoes #原宿

Century-Old Japanese Company Creates Modern ‘Outdoor’ Kimonos You Can Go Camping In

A century-old Kimono maker and an outdoors apparel manufacturer have teamed up to create some awesome-looking outdoor Kimono outfits that are ready to take on the upcoming chilly months in Japan.

With fall just a few months away, Kimono Yamato and camping supply firm Snow Peak have unveiled their joint project which combines the aesthetics of traditional kimono and the practicality and functionality of modern jackets.