We’re not lion: King of the jungle’s mullet is mane attraction at Chinese zoo

We’re not lion: King of the jungle’s mullet is mane attraction at Chinese zoo
Jane Nam
June 1, 2022
One guest’s pictures from a Chinese zoo have recently gone viral for showing a lion’s reportedly natural, straight mullet.
A visitor of the Guangzhou Zoo shared pictures on Little Red Book, or Xiaohongshu, a Chinese site where users share content, product photos and reviews. 
While the page is most often used as a fashion and luxury platform, one user used it to post hilarious photos of a lion with an unusual hairdo. 
As seen in the photos, the lion’s mane looks like a stylist blow-dried out his entire head of hair, giving him perfectly kempt, straight locks. 
As netizens pointed out, the funniest part was his bangs, which were comparable to those of “Tiger King’s” Joe Exotic. 
“Hahah hairstyle is really important!” commented one user.
Other people stated that the lion did not look the same as it did during their last visit.
“When I went there two months ago, his hair wasn’t like this. Now he looks so dumb (but in a cute way),” reported one netizen.
“When I went there in March, the haircut was like that. But at that time it was relatively shorter so it didn’t look this stupid.”
People raised the question of whether one of the employees cut the lion’s hair, or if it was nature’s doing.
When a Guangdong news outlet reached out to the zoo staff, a member responded that they “dare not cut,” assuring that the lion’s bangs happened by itself. 
Featured Image via 我跑不动了
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