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Harvard student’s ‘Korean American Disney princess’ goes viral — and film producers want in

  • Harvard student Julia Riew created a full script for the first “Korean Disney princess” as part of her senior thesis in playwriting.
  • After a clip of her singing one of her songs went viral on TikTok, people online have been calling on Disney to make her script into a reality.
  • “Mulan is wonderful, but obviously there's a really widespread understanding of what it means to be Asian American, and having one princess represent all Asian Americans is really, really tricky,” she told NextShark.

In the magical world of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White lies one other princess who has yet to awaken: Shimcheong. Only it’s not a prince who’s come to find her — it’s Julia Riew, a musical theater composer and lyricist studying at Harvard who figured if Disney won’t make a Korean American princess, she’d do it on her own. 

Riew crafted her story of Princess Shimcheong as part of her senior thesis on playwriting, involving a full, original musical script. After completing her first draft, she shared a 45-second clip of her song “Dive” to TikTok earlier this month, not suspecting that it would generate hundreds of thousands of views and a demand for the story to be made into a real-life production. 

‘We b*tched about Jamie Oliver for 15 minutes’: Uncle Roger meets Gordon Ramsey in new video

Uncle Roger Gordon Ramsey
  • In a profanity-filled seven-second TikTok clip, comedian Nigel Ng (portraying his comedic alter ego Uncle Roger) and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey meet for the first time.
  • In the caption of the video posted Thursday, Ng calls Ramsey “the king,” adding that they “b*tched about Jamie Oliver for 15 minutes.”
  • Ng rose to viral fame in 2021 with his Uncle Roger persona, who is best known for mocking chefs who poorly reproduce Asian foods, especially fried rice.

Malaysian-British comedian Nigel Ng, portraying his viral character Uncle Roger, met Gordon Ramsey, the celebrity chef to whom Uncle Roger has issued rare praise. 

In the seven-second video posted to Ng’s TikTok on Thursday, Ramsey sports his signature white chef’s shirt and Uncle Roger his distinctive orange polo. The two stand side by side as someone off-camera indicates they can start. 

Thai YouTuber discovers the only known bamboo-dwelling tarantula species in the world

Thai Bamboo Tarantula
  • Popular Thai YouTuber JoCho Sippawat came across a peculiar tarantula that lives inside bamboo stalks.
  • Khon Kaen University arachnologist Narin Chomphuphuang and a research team investigated the specimen and found that it belongs to a previously undocumented tarantula species.
  • The researchers named the newly discovered tarantula “Taksinus bambus” after an 18th-century Thai king.

A popular YouTube personality in Thailand has discovered a new tarantula species. 

JoCho Sippawat, who has nearly 2.5 million subscribers on his nature-themed YouTube channel, noticed something peculiar about a spider he found while in a  forest in Tak Province back in 2020, reported New Scientist.

‘RHOSLC’ star Jennie Nguyen apologizes for social media posts ridiculing BLM, praising police

Jennie Nguyen

Reality TV star Jennie Nguyen has apologized for the now deleted social media posts ridiculing Black Lives Matter (BLM) that drew backlash on Wednesday. 

Nguyen, a regular cast member of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” was called out for posting and sharing images in 2020 that lambasted members of the BLM Movement. 

Chinese social media users believe Canada deliberately sent Omicron through ‘poison’ letter

China omicron canada
  • Weibo users have supported China’s claim that the Omicron variant entered Beijing through a contaminated letter sent from Toronto.
  • “The people of certain countries, the blackness in their hearts is powerful!” one Weibo user wrote.

Chinese social media users have supported Beijing’s narrative that Canada sent a package of “poison” into China’s capital, explaining how the Omicron variant of COVID-19 entered the city.

One viral post on Weibo suggested that someone “deliberately” sent the alleged contaminated letter to Beijing, further warning other users to “be alert toward international mail,” according to Insider.

Racism or medical condition?: TikToker finds explanation for why he can’t open his eyes wider

  • TikToker Brian Xu went viral in a video claiming that there may be a legitimate medical explanation as to why he can’t open his eyes wider.
  • “Racist folks making fun of my Asian eyes all my life made me not notice a medical condition!” he said. 

At one point or another, many Asian Americans — typically those of East Asian descent — have endured some form of racism targeting the shape of their eyes. But for TikToker Brian Xu, his inability to widen his eyes isn’t just a stereotypical racist assumption, as he revealed on the platform that there may be an underlying medical condition to explain it. 

In a viral video posted earlier this month, Xu explained that he cannot widen his eyes without raising his eyebrows to lift up his eyelids.  

‘I will definitely eat sushi again!’: California woman hospitalized after eating 32 rolls at buffet

  • Danielle Shapiro, 24, was sent to the hospital the day after eating 32 sushi rolls, four gyozas, two jalapeño poppers, a bowl of edamame beans and a bowl of miso soup.
  • Doctors told the California woman that she was suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a term used to describe chronic acid reflux that affects almost 20% of all Americans. 
  • “I will definitely eat sushi again!” Shapiro declared.

A California woman said she would “definitely eat sushi again” even after suffering from a severe stomachache the day after binge-eating 32 all-you-can-eat sushi rolls, among other dishes.

Danielle Shapiro, 24, shared what happened in a TikTok on Dec. 23, 2021 which she titled “All you can eat sushi gone wrong,” according to the New York Post. The video has already been viewed more than 11.3 million times.

‘I did it!’: YouTube vlogging pioneer KevJumba gets engaged to his girlfriend

  • YouTube star KevJumba, whose real name is Kevin Wu, announced his recent engagement to his girlfriend turned fiancée on Monday.
  • Wu posted a video on Instagram of him getting down on one knee and proposing. 

KevJumba, a pioneer of the YouTube vlogging scene, is now officially engaged.

The 31-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer, whose real name is Kevin Wu, shared the heartwarming moment in a proposal video that he posted on Instagram on Monday.

Naomi Osaka responds to critics in latest Instagram Q&A: ‘IDGAF anymore’

Naomi Isaka IDGAF anymore comment
  • Naomi Osaka, 24, slammed her critics in a recent Instagram Stories Q&A, saying "IDGAF anymore" about their comments.
  • For her 2022 goal, Osaka plans to approach the new year with a less worrisome mindset and "find a way to enjoy the game [tennis] again."

Star tennis player Naomi Osaka recently slammed her critics during a Q&A session she held on Instagram Stories for her fans.

Osaka, 24, revealed she does not care anymore about the comments of her critics after one of her fans told her to play at the Australian Open as if she has something to prove, according to EssentiallySports.

Video: Malaysian artist draws multiple portraits with his hands, feet and mouth all at the same time

  • Malaysian artist Saiful Thaqif went viral on social media for simultaneously drawing five portraits using both hands, feet and his mouth.
  • The artist drew portraits of Malaysian and American celebrities, including Michael Jackson and Mr. Bean.

A Malaysian artist has gone viral for simultaneously sketching five portraits of celebrities and Malaysian public figures using his hands, feet and mouth. 

Saiful Thaqif, a 39-year old secondary school teacher, previously went viral for his art portraits, wherein he simultaneously draws with both hands and feet. In his latest TikTok, which was posted on Jan. 11, Thaqif amazed viewers by adding his mouth as a tool to sketch while already using both hands and feet.

Female reporter in China is doxxed, ‘slut-shamed’ for decade-old diary entries and low college test scores

  • Chinese reporter Wang Bingbing faced online shaming after details of her past relationships and low college test scores were doxxed.
  • Social media users came to her defense and called out Wang’s critics for the invasion of her privacy and “slut-shaming.”
  • Several local publications also voiced their support for the reporter and urged the public to respect her private life.

Chinese social media users are defending a popular television personality after details about her past relationships and poor academic performance were exposed online.

Wang Bingbing, a 31-year-old reporter for China’s state-run media station CCTV, was doxxed by web users who posted her low English test scores and entries from her online diary, reported South China Morning Post.

Suni Lee disables comments on pic with boyfriend after ‘so much hate’ for her interracial relationship

suni lee
  • Three-time Olympian Suni Lee has disabled comments on her Instagram post featuring her boyfriend.
  • The disabling comes on the heels of Lee’s comment earlier this month that she had received “so much hate” over her interracial relationship.

Suni Lee has disabled comments on her Instagram post featuring her boyfriend after she revealed earlier this month that she’d been receiving “so much hate” over her interracial relationship.

The three-time Olympian left a comment on a fan’s TikTok video, talking about the hate she received from the Hmong American community after going public with her new relationship.