Cup Noodles Japan shows off noodle fork

Cup Noodles Japan shows off noodle fork
Ryan General
May 2, 2023
Nissin Cup Noodles Japan has caused a stir on social media with its latest creation: a fork that looks like it is made of instant noodles. 
On May 1, the company’s official Twitter account, @cupnoodle_jp, posted a photo of the noodle-shaped fork, which was reportedly inspired by the idea of a person appearing to eat Cup Noodles with their hands. 
The fork, which resembles a bundle of noodles, is apparently meant to enhance the eating experience of Cup Noodles fans. 
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According to the caption, eating Cup Noodles with a noodle-shaped fork will prompt people to wonder, “Isn’t that person eating Cup Noodles with their hands?”
Based on the image, the fork does appear to confuse the brain.
While there is no information yet on if the fork will be made available for purchase, the image has garnered attention from foodies and Cup Noodles enthusiasts alike.
“I might end up eating the fork too (lol),” a Twitter user commented.
“The direction is too off-kilter…” another commenter wrote. 
“I want it to be released,” hoped another.
The post about the noodle-fork, which has since been viewed over 6.9 million times as of this writing, comes just days after the company tweeted about a measuring cup modeled after a cup noodle container.
The cup enables the user to measure the exact amount of hot water required for various sizes of cup noodle.
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Commenters similarly loved the idea and wished for it to be released as well.
Releasing a noodle-shaped fork or a cup noodle measuring cup is not too far-fetched for the company, which has previously sold many creative and unusual products in the past, such as a bedding set, a makeup collection and sneakers. Cup Noodles has also released atypical limited edition flavors, such as soda, pancakes, chicken nuggets and pumpkin spice.
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