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‘Be ready to kill’: Open calls for genocide against Indian religious minorities ramp up

Chilling Open Calls for Genocide Against Indian Religious Minorities

Far-right Hindu groups in India have been openly calling for violence against Indian Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, with many demanding a “repeat” of the 1984 genocide of Sikhs.

Nationalist populism: A Hindutva event in Haridwar last December and the cancellation of a visit to Punjab by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week have become widely discussed recently. These incidents have sparked calls for Muslim genocide and the spread of anti-Sikh hate speech, respectively.  

ARMYs sing along to BTS’ V in Dubai as world’s tallest building lights up to honor his 26th birthday

V on Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai displayed BTS’ V on the side of the building for the second consecutive year in a grand birthday gesture from his Chinese fan club.

V’s 26th Birthday: The K-pop idol’s Chinese fan club Baidu Vbar organized a three-minute birthday ad on the world’s tallest building to celebrate his 26th birthday on Dec. 30.

Baby dies in India after man tries to help wife deliver at home using YouTube tutorials

Indian youtube baby delivery

An attempt by an Indian father to deliver a baby using YouTube tutorial videos resulted in a stillbirth and an arrest. 

Tragic end: R. Loganathan, a 34-year-old trader from the Ranipet district of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, was arrested after a failed attempt at delivering his wife’s baby at home on Dec. 18, reported Khaleej Times.

Teen boy beheads pregnant sister as mother holds her down, takes selfie with the head

Mother, Son arrested for parading severed head of daughter who eloped without her parents permission

An Indian mother and her teenage son have been arrested for decapitating her 19-year-old pregnant daughter with a sickle and parading the severed head around their neighborhood before allegedly taking a selfie. 

Gruesome crime: The incident, which was suspected to be a case of honor killing, occurred in the city of Vaijapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra on Sunday, according to The Indian Express.

Bus conductor in India sparks online outrage for off-boarding a woman due to fish odor

India Bus Video of Crying Woman

A video of an elderly Indian woman crying and demanding justice after she was kicked out of a bus for smelling like fish has sparked online backlash after going viral.  

The fish vendor: Selvam, the 65-year-old fish vendor from Kanyakumari’s Vaniyakudi village, boarded a government bus on the way home on Dec. 6; however, the bus conductor forced her to deboard because of her fish odor, reported The Indian Express

Comedian Vir Das’ blistering ‘two Indias’ critique blasted as ‘defamation,’ ‘soft terrorism’

vir das comedian india

Indian comedian Vir Das has recently come under fire from right-wing groups in India for using his standup routine to discuss controversial topics, including sexual violence and the farmers’ protests in the country.

What he said: During a performance in Washington D.C., Das spoke of “Two Indias” while highlighting the hypocrisy and corruption in how the country has dealt with sexual violence, farmers’ rights, COVID-19 safety, age disparities in politics, and more.