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8 Childhood Asian Drinks That Aren’t Boba

asian drinks boba

When you first think of Asian drinks, your mind automatically jumps to milk tea.

But what many may not have realized is that there are tons of different drinks available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is visit your local Asian supermarket, or even hunt around your regular supermarket! You might be surprised. Here are nine asian drinks that you should get your hands on:

Principal Fired After Using School’s Electricity to Secretly Mine Cryptocurrency


A school principal in Hunan province has been fired for creating a cryptocurrency mine operation in the school and raising the building’s electricity bills.

Lei Hua, a middle school principal in Chenzhou, purchased more than 10,000 yuan ($1,400) on equipment used to mine cryptocurrency. However, Hua did not realize that utility fees ran so high from running the equipment, and could not pay for them, according to Xinhua.

What is Boba? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

what is boba

Talk to someone in Southern California, and they call it boba. In the midwest, it’s sometimes called tapioca. In New York, they’ll say bubble tea. But what exactly is it and where can we get some?

The word “boba” refers to the thick, black chewy toppings that one would find on the bottom of their ice cold fruity or milky drink. The bits are made with sugar and tapioca flour and was traditionally served as part of a sweet dessert in Taiwan.

WeChat Group Admin J‌a‌i‌le‌‌d for 6 Months After Sharing P‌o‌r‌n Through Group Chat

A man from Yunnan Province, China has been sent‌e‌‌nced to six months in p‌r‌i‌‌s‌o‌n‌ for managing a WeChat group that shared hundreds of p‌ornog‌‌rap‌hi‌c videos over the course of two weeks.

The 31-year-old man, surnamed Luo, created a WeChat group called “Border Antique Auction” in February 2017  to showcase different antiques, The Paper reported via Shanghaiist.