Asian terms dominate gay Pornhub’s top 5 searches in 2023

Asian terms dominate gay Pornhub’s top 5 searches in 2023Asian terms dominate gay Pornhub’s top 5 searches in 2023
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PornHub has released its “Year in Review Insights” report for 2023, revealing an Asian-dominant trend in its gay category worldwide.
Most-searched terms: As seen in the report published Dec. 9, four of the top five most-searched terms on PornHub Gay include “anime” (No. 2), “Pinoy” (No. 3), “Asian” (No. 4) and “hentai” (No. 5). The word “twink,” which, according to, refers to “a stereotype of thin, hairless, young, gay men who are often white, though not always,” clinched the top spot.
“Anime” jumped four spots from last year’s No. 6, while “Asian” advanced three places. “Hentai,” which was last year’s No. 1, dropped four spots, while “Pinoy” retained its No. 3 ranking.
Top Asian performer: While Asian terms lead the adult platform’s gay section, only one Asian actor made it in the top 10 most searched gay performers. Tyler Wu, who reportedly specializes in “boys’ love” content, is now ranked No. 6, two spots down from last year.
About the report: PornHub’s “Year in Review Insights” delves into the most searched terms, trends and performers in its platform. The report also provides insights on countries with the highest traffic and the most searched terms in those regions.
Reactions: Social media users expressed surprise about this year’s results. One Redditor commented, “Didn’t know we were so popular!”
“Surprised ‘Asian’ was so high considering my own experiences as an Asian gay man,” another noted.
Another wondered why “Pinoy” ended up high on the list. “Like is it that often searched for everywhere or is that proof that we Filipinos spend too much time on PornHub looking up Pinoy,” they wrote.
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