People Who Have Intense Nightmares Have a Surprising Advantage, Sleep Expert Says

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The Billionaire Creator of Patrón Tequila Wears Black Every Day For One Reason

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London’s Very First Nude Restaurant Already Has 15,000 People on the Waiting List

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Rich Parents are Willing to Pay Someone Up to $29,000 To Name Their Baby

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There’s a Bus With Wi-Fi That Will Take You From L.A. to SF While You Sleep for $48

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Thanks to a new startup, sleepy drivers can be snoozing while a designated driver gets them safely to their destination overnight. The … Continue reading


Here’s the 700-Calorie Breakfast That Google’s Lead Futurist Claims Will Help Him Live Forever

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Julia Stakhiva: Meet the Ukrainian Rich Kid Who Thinks She’s Too Beautiful to Have a Real Job

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You Can Now Communicate in Any Language With This Universal IconSpeak T-Shirt

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American Bro Finds Out How Difficult it is to Survive in Shanghai on $20 A Day

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Men Who Marry Intelligent Women Live Longer, Happier Lives, According to Researchers

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