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Jimmy Wang Yang recalls ‘crazy story’ of how Vince McMahon rehired him after forgetting he fired him

  • Jimmy Wang Yang, whose real name is James Carson Yun, recalled the “crazy story” of how he was rehired by WWE CEO Vince McMahon after running into him during a pay-per-view event 2005.
  • “… When I showed up, me and Vince crossed paths, and he's like, 'Jimmy. Where the hell have you been?' I was like, 'You fired me.' He said, 'What? I did?' It got busy. He said I will come back and talk to you …” Yun, 41, told Steve Fall's “The Ten Count.”
  • Yun was later asked if he could return to several shows, including “Raw,” “Sunday Heat” and “SmackDown,” before he was rehired in 2006.
  • Yun’s stage name was changed to Jimmy Wang Yang, with McMahon branding Yun's ring character as an “Asian redneck," stemming from his use of the Southern vernacular "y'all," the wrestler noted.

Former WWE star Jimmy Wang Yang recently recalled the “crazy story” of how WWE CEO Vince McMahon rehired him after forgetting he fired him.

In an interview with Steve Fall’s “Ten Count” podcast on Wednesday, Yang, whose real name is James Carson Yun, said he ran across McMahon at WWE pay-per-view event “Backlash” in 2005 while Yun was on a date and trying to “get laid.”

Vietnamese father in Texas wrestles alligator outside his home using tips from late Steve Irwin

missouri dad wrestles alligator
  • A Vietnamese father and restaurant owner in Missouri captured an alligator outside of his home by remembering what the late Steve Irwin did.
  • As he was getting ready to take his kids to their first day of school, he and his daughter encountered the alligator in front of their home.
  • Remembering what Irwin did when handling an alligator, the father recalled that a towel must be placed over the animal’s head to calm it down.
  • After dropping his kids off at school, the man and his 19-year-old daughter secured the alligator’s mouth to prevent it from biting and released the animal in a nearby pond.

On Tuesday morning, a Vietnamese father and restaurant owner in Missouri City, Texas, successfully wrestled an alligator using tips he learned from watching the late wildlife expert Steve Irwin.

While getting ready for work and his children’s first day of school, Mike Trinh discovered an alligator at the front of his home after his daughter alerted him of the animal. 

Wrestling Fan Writes 84 Times to TV Show So She Can Get Pinned By Her Idol

A Japanese wrestling fan went the extra mile for a chance to be in the ring with her wrestler idol and get pinned by him during a match.

Emori Shiomi, a 27-year-old super fan of Hiroshi Tanahashi, the longstanding ace of New Japan Professional Wrestling andcurrent IWGP Heavyweight Champion, appeared in an episode of “Anta no Yume wo Kanaetaro ka?” (“Can We Make Your Dreams Come True?”) last week.

Japanese Wrestler Goes Crazy When Brazilian Opponent Weighs 28 Pounds Above Limit

Shinobu Kandori, a Japanese pro wrestler-turned-politician, was extremely disappointed when her opponent weighed way above the limit for their match scheduled last month.

Kandori, 53, had not competed in mixed martial arts since 2003. She is now a member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party and the House of Councillors in the Diet, the upper house of the country’s bicameral legislature.

Meet the First Chinese WWE Superstar

World Wrestling Entertainment is wooing China and it seems to be working.

WWE, America’s popular wrestling entertainment company, is making moves on China after signing on its first Chinese pro-wrestler, Wang Bin, in June. The 22-year-old commenced training at the “performance center” in Orlando, Florida shortly after.

John Cena Just Promoted WWE in Shanghai By Speaking Flawless Mandarin

John Cena, an American professional wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment, recently gave a flawless three-minute speech in fluent Mandarin.

Cena, 39, represented his company during the WWE press-conference in Shanghai, China on Thursday to announce a multi-year distribution deal signed with Chinese streaming service, PPTV. The actor and reality television host, who starred as the boyfriend in Amy Schumer’s romantic comedy “Trainwreck”, delivered the address in front of audience members and media outlets.