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Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Called Out for All-White Main Cast

Cobra Kai

“Cobra Kai” may have received wide acclaim for bringing back the beloved franchise “The Karate Kid,” but it is also being called out for its lack of Asian lead actors.

Noticeably white: The new martial arts Netflix series has brought back many of the original films’ leading actors, including stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. However, critics have pointed out that the series fails to introduce new main characters that could diversify its cast.

HR Manager Sues Uniqlo, Claims Company Gives Favorable Treatment to Asian Employees

A payroll and HR manager at Uniqlo in the Melbourne, Australia branch is now suing the Japanese retail brand for alleged bullying and discrimination because of her “Caucasian heritage,” claiming that the company gives favorable treatment to its Asian employees.

Melanie Bell, in a statement on Friday, said that she was bullied on four occasions and that she was held back from a pay raise as well as promotions by Uniqlo executives, according to Daily Mail.

Why Do East Asians Want Pale Skin? It Has Nothing to Do with Western Beauty Standards


In East Asia, it’s not uncommon to find people fully-dressed on beaches, carrying umbrellas on sunny days, or wearing full face-covering masks in parks. Women in particular go to extreme lengths to achieve pale skin whether it’s through obsessive whitening skin care routines or melanin-reducing injections. But where did all of this come from?

Some western media outlets like to report that this desire to have clear, white skin is a reflection on East Asians wanting to look more European. However, these hypotheses barely scratch the surface when discussing the origin of the pale skin beauty standards.

Asian Man in LAPD Shirt Yells ‘White Power’ at Black Lives Matter Protesters

A video posted by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles depicts a man of Asian descent wearing a long-sleeved shirt with Los Angeles Police logos yelling “white power” at Black Lives Matter protesters on Thursday.

According to the BLMLA Twitter account, the man, who they claim is an LAPD officer, was yelling “white power” and making “white power” signs with his hands to allegedly antagonize the family of Albert Ramon Dorsey, a Black man who was killed by police at the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym locker room. Today, he would have been 31, and BLMLA protested in front of the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness.

Penn State Professor Breaks Down Why It’s Harder For Asian Men to Date

dating asian

Pennsylvania State University professor Sam Richards touched several noteworthy points on the double standards Asian men often deal with in the dating scene in the United States.

Richards, who teaches Sociology 119 — Race and Ethnic Relations at Penn State, delved on the issue during a short segment from his introductory class on race and culture back in September.

White Students Who Take a ‘Gap Year’ in Asia Only Perpetuate Toxic White Saviorism

Year after year, young British and American students flock to Asia to “find themselves” before dedicating 3-4 years of their lives to earning a degree. Malia Obama has done it, so has Benedict Cumberbatch and even Prince William has been there. Companies have profited off of gap year and voluntourism schemes where students can pay several thousand dollars to teach English in Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, China, and Japan while immersing themselves in the local culture.

These students can be seen on Instagram feeding baby elephants, relaxing on sandy beaches and posing for photos with underprivileged Asian children from local villages without their parents’ consent. Essentially, it’s a guilt-free way for foreigners to explore Asian countries while tricking themselves into thinking they are helping local communities and civilizing the uncivilized — textbook definition white saviors.

Up to Half a Million Middle-Aged White ‘Aunties’ are Playing Mahjong in the U.S.

Mahjong, a popular game in China that requires skill, strategy with a dash of gambling on the side, is reportedly popular in the United States, according to the video report posted by KNOE 8 News in February.

The report claimed that at least half a million of people are playing mahjong in the U.S. and based on the video, it seems like the game is fairly popular among the female demographic.

White Tourist Brutally Assaults 10-Year-Old Thai Boy Over 29 Cents

Authorities and locals in Phuket, Thailand are on the lookout for a Caucasian tourist who savagely beat a 10-year-old boy because he took issue with a 10 baht fee to use a private toilet, which is equal to 29 cents.

CCTV footage reveals the man in a blue t-shirt who was asking to use a private toilet in the red light district of Bangla Road in Phuket at 3:50 a.m. local time on May 3. The man was reportedly accompanied by two women with blonde hair.