White Tourist Brutally Assaults 10-Year-Old Thai Boy Over 29 Cents

White Tourist Brutally Assaults 10-Year-Old Thai Boy Over 29 CentsWhite Tourist Brutally Assaults 10-Year-Old Thai Boy Over 29 Cents
Authorities and locals in Phuket, Thailand are on the lookout for a Caucasian tourist who savagely beat a 10-year-old boy because he took issue with a 10 baht fee to use a private toilet, which is equal to 29 cents.
CCTV footage reveals the man in a blue t-shirt who was asking to use a private toilet in the red light district of Bangla Road in Phuket at 3:50 a.m. local time on May 3. The man was reportedly accompanied by two women with blonde hair.
The boy, identified as Abdull Seesa, works as an attendant at the private toilet for “extra pocket money” by charging 10 baht per customer.
In the video, the man is seen conversing with Seesa but quickly becomes visibly aggressive when he hears of the 29 cent charge. Seesa looks on his phone as the man approaches from behind to take his phone from him and slaps him in the head. As Seesa retreats, the man continues to yell at and push him, landing a punch as the 10-year-old. Another individual attempts to stop the man who eventually runs away.
Tohee Seesa, Abdull’s father, is now offering a 5,000 baht ($145) for any information leading to the capture of the tourist who remains unidentified.
While the tourist’s nationality was not determined, he was described as being in his “30s or 40s” and spoke English.
Tohee Seesa added:
“What kind of man does this to a ten-year-old boy? We want to catch him.
“He would not pay 10 baht to use the toilet and attacked my son. People have to pay to use the toilet because we need to keep it clean and fix it.
“We will reward anybody who can catch the man so police can punish him.”
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