Racist YouTuber Calls East Asians ‘Ching Chongs’ and ‘Ching Wong Yung’

Racist YouTuber Calls East Asians ‘Ching Chongs’ and ‘Ching Wong Yung’
Carl Samson
July 4, 2017
In an apparent display of either ignorance or mockery, Swiss part-time model and YouTuber Cocomadkilla called East Asians “Ching Chongs” in a blog post.
For context, Cocomadkilla features and reviews cosmetic products in her blog.
“Ching Chongs” came up in one of her posts about the Korean brand Glowrious:
In addition to the post, there was a video where she referred to Nathan Lim, the Glowrious representative who sent her a package, as “Ching Wong Yung,” Erin Chew at YOMYOMF wrote.
Cocomadkilla removes the phrase containing “Ching Chongs” and puts a replacement.
Cocomadkilla may have already realized the implications of her words, as the video appears defunct now and “Ching Chongs” has been removed from her post.
Still, she has not apologized over the matter, which is what Swiss Asian social activists and feminists Robyn Li Wade and Nela Merdi want.
Li Wade told YOMYOMF that racism “isn’t really spoken about” in Switzerland until “it’s to an extreme,” adding that the Asian community in the country does not stand up for itself or perhaps is so used to the prejudice.
“I honestly believe its lack of conversation and education on the matter here. I find people here generally have generally racist feelings and opinions. they seem friendly and nice in your face but behind your back they bring out the comments and slurs,” said Li Wade.
Meanwhile, Merdi felt that issues involving Asians in Europe need more attention:
“I think all the issues Asians, or mixed Asians experience in Europe need more attention, because even though it might not seem as aggressive as for example in America or in bigger parts of the world, it’s still here.”
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