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‘Asian American frontline worker is NOT afraid’: SF Walgreens employee follows thief while calling him out

  • An Asian employee at a San Francisco Walgreens has raised both praise and concern for following a man as he allegedly stole items off their shelves.
  • Cellphone video shows the worker, identified only as Mary, trailing and calling out the alleged thief who stuffed products into his pants.
  • It’s unclear whether police arrived in time to arrest the man.

An Asian employee has raised both praise and concern for trailing a man while he allegedly stole from a Walgreens in San Francisco.

The incident, which was caught on cellphone video, reportedly occurred at the Walgreens on Geary and Taylor and went viral on Sunday night.

Texas Pharmacist Buys Inhaler for Woman’s Daughter After She Lost Her Debit Card

A pharmacist at a Walgreens outlet in Texas has captured hearts on social media for the act of kindness he showed to a stranger.

That stranger was Elizabeth Garza, who recently narrated the incident on a Facebook post. According to Garza, she was buying her daughter’s inhaler at a Walgreens store in Palmhurst when she realized that she did not have enough cash for it.