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Traditional Chinese Papermaker Needs 400 Gallons of Young Boys’ Pee to Make Quality Paper

In preparation for China’s massive online shopping extravaganza next month, a local traditional papermaker has been busy obtaining a key ingredient in his paper products: young boys’ pee.

The man, surnamed Li, is hoping he can gather enough urine before Singles’ Day (Guanggun Jie), the world’s largest offline and online shopping day held in China on November 11.

Little Boy Pees on Stage While Mom Just Laughs During Children’s Day Dance in China

A group of kindergarten students in China put on a show with their moms in honor of Children’s Day on Wednesday, but one kid couldn’t seem to hold it in any longer and decided to pull on stage.

A video taken at the school in Hejin county, Shanxi Province has been making the rounds on Chinese social media, showing the child in the first row pull down his pants to pee on what appears to be a potted plant.

Chinese Man Claims Drinking His Own Urine For 23 Years Has Saved Him From Sickness

There is an active group in Mainland China that believes in the healing power of pee. Members of the organization drink a supposedly “healthy” dose of their own urine as part of their daily pee-drinking sessions.

Established in Hong Kong back in 2008, the China Urine Therapy Association is bound by the belief that drinking urine leads to longer life and better health with claims that it is also an effective cure for cancer.