Chinese Mom Catches Son Peeing in Elevators, Makes Him Clean it for a Month

Chinese Mom Catches Son Peeing in Elevators, Makes Him Clean it for a MonthChinese Mom Catches Son Peeing in Elevators, Makes Him Clean it for a Month
A 10-year-old boy in Xianyang in Shaanxi Province, China, apologized after he was caught peeing inside an elevator of a high-rise apartment building.
As punishment, he promised to clean the elevator for a month under the supervision of his father, Shanghaiist reported.
The incident happened on Saturday evening when the boy entered the elevator, faced away from the door and began relieving himself.
Residents of the building were complaining over the past two weeks about puddles of urine that kept appearing in the elevator. The property’s management was prompted to launch an investigation into the incident.
Surveillance footage revealed that the boy was the culprit. The property’s owner tried to find out the identity of the boy by distributing the clip to the residents before it eventually made its way on Chinese social media, according to China Business News via South China Morning Post.
The boy’s mother found out about the incident and she immediately joined the apartment building’s WeChat group to acknowledge what her son did.
My actions as a mother have brought stress to everyone’s lives and I apologise to everyone for neglecting my duties,” she wrote. “Although we reminded him on a daily basis to take care of public hygiene, he didn’t listen to us.”
After finding out about this situation, we scolded and educated him last night. He knows what he has done wrong and hopes you will all forgive him. He also wants to clean the lift as compensation.”
The boy also wrote a note to the residents of the building.
I urinated in the elevator today and would like to say ‘sorry’ to everyone. What I have done is uncivilized,” the note read.
“It harmed the community’s environment, and could have caused the lift to break down, which would have put everyone in danger.
“I need to get rid of these bad habits – not urinate, throw rubbish or destroy public property. Please everyone keep an eye on me and forgive me. I will clean the elevator for a month as compensation.”
After reading his note, many people praised the boy for his courage to stand up and admit his fault.
It is normal for a young boy to make mistakes; you just need to correct them,” the cleaners said after reading the boy’s apology letter.
In February, a boy was trapped inside an elevator in China after he urinated on the buttons, which caused a power outage in the building.
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