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Korean American Mom Expertly Trolls Annoying IRS Scammer

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams have long been pestering many Americans, victimizing unsuspecting citizens, including recent immigrants, of their hard-earned money by pretending to be officials from the agency.  

And while a lot of people have become aware of such scams in recent years, there are still many scammers who still get away with duping people by successfully intimidating their victims or winning their trust.

Thai Police Arrest Online Troll for Impersonating Policewomen

A housemaid from Thailand, who allegedly impersonated two ranking officials, was recently arrested by the authorities and held at Bang Khen Police Station on Thursday.

Angkhana Danakam, a 36-year-old housemaid in Dan Makham Tia District in Kanchanaburi, allegedly impersonated two policewomen, Cpt. Thanthawan Kodduang and Lt. Col. Raktapa Wongyod, on Facebook, according to Pattaya One.

Man Epically Trolls Unsuspecting Facebook Scammer Using Adele Lyrics

One online scammer’s attempt to con a Danish guy for some quick cash on Facebook messenger was foiled in a case of epic trolling with a little help from Adele’s “Hello” lyrics.

Frank Fleming Jensen from Valby, Denmark posted screenshots of his hilarious conversation on Facebook with the caption, “My newest Facebook friend apparently doesn’t like Adele.” In the post, Fleming showed how he effectively pulled off a quick prank over the scam artist dubiously named “Sandra Jones.”

Master Trolls Invent Collar That Will Translate Everything Your Cat is Saying

If you find yourself curious as to what your cat is thinking when they meow at you, a new collar invented by a cat food company could solve your curiosity (without killing the cat of course).

The Temptations Catterbox, created by Mars Temptation in conjunction with London ad agency Adam&Eve/DDB, uses a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi to capture and then “translate” a cat’s meows into human speech.

Someone is Posing as ‘Chipolte’ Customer Service on Facebook and the Results are Hilarious

Chipotle is known for many things from their excellent chicken burrito bowls, speedy lines to their generous portions. However, the casual fast-food chain has been getting a bad rap online as of late after a Facebook account, “Chipolte Mexican Grill”, posed as the company and posted funny and crude remarks in response to customers’ inquiries on Chipotle’s home page.

The subtle misspelling in the fake account has led to some rather honest and hilarious misunderstandings between customers and the Mexican food chain. Note that the authenticated Chipotle account has a blue check next to its name.