Korean American Mom Expertly Trolls Annoying IRS Scammer

Korean American Mom Expertly Trolls Annoying IRS ScammerKorean American Mom Expertly Trolls Annoying IRS Scammer
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams have long been pestering many Americans, victimizing unsuspecting citizens, including recent immigrants, of their hard-earned money by pretending to be officials from the agency.  
And while a lot of people have become aware of such scams in recent years, there are still many scammers who still get away with duping people by successfully intimidating their victims or winning their trust.
In rare moments, the scammers would get the taste of their own annoying medicine when they chance upon the wrong people, like Youtuber Kiirstin Leigh.
Leigh, who vlogs semi-regularly on YouTube, took on a persistent scammer in a video posted last year and has recently resurfaced on social media.
Immediately after receiving the call, an excited Leigh set up her camera, started recording and called the number right back.
Using a native Korean accent, Leigh pretended to not know much English and went on to troll the person on the other end of the line.
“I Korean, I no speak English, only little bit,” Leigh opened.
“Yeah you are in a big trouble,” the scammer responded, before letting her know that he has her address, apparently to add legitimacy to the call.
To confuse the man, she said, “No I live I live in Georgia.”
“Yeah Georgia,” the man proceeded. “Yes, You were really in a big trouble.”
“Why what happened?” Leigh went on pretending to sound confused. “I don’t know, you tell me what happened, I help you!”
Leigh hilariously controlled the conversation from there.
Check out the rest of the exchange below:
Scammer: “There is a Tax Fraud under your name by the IRS.”
Leigh: “Why” I didn’t pay tax? When? I pay tax, I pay tax every day!”
S: “Your husband’s name is not Kristen right? You are Kristen right?”
L: “Yes, that’s me, I’m Kristen.”
S: “Now you are in a big trouble so I don’t want (you getting) any help (from) other third party, okay?”
L: “Okay, okay I help you, I so worry. I had a baby. You wanna say hi? Hello, you say hello.”
At this point, the scammer is obviously starting to get annoyed so he tried to drive his point by asking for Leigh’s personal details.
The Youtuber, however, has got a few more trolling tricks up her sleeve.
L: “I pay tax every day. Yesterday, I go to McDonald’s I pay tax. Everybody pays taxes! What are you talking about?”
When the scammer threatened that the IRS will “file an arrest warrant,” Leigh responded with the most random reasons why she should not be arrested which she peppered with some phrases in Korean.
As the man rambled on, Leigh mocked him by some patronizing “ooohs” and “aaahs.”
She then did her own rambling about going to a hair salon because she was “hairy.”
The conversation further went on with the man trying hard to get her private details and Leigh expertly taking the topic somewhere else.
When she got bored after listening to the gibberish threats the man kept spouting, she decided to end it by saying “All I’m guilty of is wasting your damn time. Get a life! Get a life, dude, seriously stop calling people.”
After the call, she gave her viewers and her baby a valuable life lesson: “Don’t do mean things and people are going to try to screw your over in life but you know what? When life gives you lemons just eat it.”
Featured image via YouTube/Kiirstin Leigh
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