Alleged Rich Kid in Dubai Trolls Blogger, Pays Over $7000 on Venmo to Humiliate Him

Few things would make a person angrier than being targeted by a foreign internet troll who barraged them with insults in broken English, but what if they were paid to take the random abuse? Paid handsomely?
Caldwell Tanner, a contributor at CollegeHumor, allegedly experienced such an interaction on Venmo, the money-sharing app that many may or may not use to transfer funds for drug deals. Tanner explained:

“A few days ago I had the strangest interaction on the money sharing app, Venmo. A teenage boy, who I later learned is the son of one of the richest oil magnates in Dubai, kept sending me money accompanied by weird insults. Our conversation was so ridiculous that I felt compelled to screencap our transactions and post them here.”

Here’s what went down:
The whole thing could be fake, but it won’t stop me from dreaming of being insulted on Venmo by a trolling, spoiled child of an oil magnate someday.
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