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Indian woman-owned brand accuses Trader Joe’s of selling ‘knockoff’ of their bestselling achaar

garlic achaar
  • Chitra Agrawal, owner of Indian condiments brand Brooklyn Delhi, has accused grocery chain Trader Joe’s of selling a knockoff version of “Roasted Garlic Achaar,” her brand’s best-selling item.
  • A Trader Joe’s representative reportedly initiated a discussion with Brooklyn Delhi about selling their products last year but talks eventually fizzled out.
  • Agrawal’s customers notified her on social media months later that Trader Joe’s had released an item similar to hers called “Indian Style Garlic Achaar Sauce.”
  • In addition to the two products sharing similar packaging, Agrawal argued that Trader Joe’s use of the word “achaar” makes it a blatant copy since large Indian pickle brands do not call their products “achaar.”
  • The issue resurfaced recently after TikTok user Pragadish Kalaivanan urged his followers in a viral post to tell Trader Joe’s that stealing from a small business is wrong and “has to stop.”

A New York-based entrepreneur is accusing Trader Joe’s of copying her brand’s bestselling Indian condiment.

Chitra Agrawal, 42, has been selling Indian condiments under her brand Brooklyn Delhi since 2014. Her company reportedly introduced roasted garlic achaar to the U.S. market.

‘The juice is Dynamite’: Trader Joe’s Army employees go viral for BTS-themed marketing

Trader Joe's BTS
  • A Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, New York, went viral for its BTS-themed marketing strategy after a customer shared photos of the grocery store’s product advertisements to Twitter.
  • One of the custom signs shown in the photo is placed over the ube (purple yam) products and reads, “Permission to Ube” in reference to BTS’s hit song “Permission to Dance.”
  • The customer also ended up finding the displays’ creators and credited them in the same Twitter thread. “I work at this location!” the Trader Joe’s employee responded on Twitter. “My boss is the head army at this store lol. Come through on Friday, we’ll be playing BTS music all day!”

A Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, New York, went viral for its BTS-themed marketing strategy.

A customer at the grocery store was surprised to find food displays referencing the world-renowned boy band BTS and uploaded photos of the advertisements to Twitter under the account @oq_sowoozoo on June 5.

Thousands Petition for Trader Joe’s to Change ‘Racist’ Food Labels

trader joe's

Thousands of people have signed a petition urging Trader Joe’s to change some of its food labels deemed insensitive and racist.

The petition: Organized by Briones Bedell, the petition demanded that the grocery chain remove its branding and packaging in its stores, explaining labeling the brand’s “ethnic foods with modifications of ‘Joe’ …belies a narrative of exoticism that perpetuates harmful stereotypes.”

Trader Joe’s Ex-President Launches Grocery Store That Sells Healthy Food at Fast-Food Prices

It looks like your common boutique supermarket, and with its aisles brimming with fresh produce and friendly staff assisting customers, it has nearly everything you would find in your typical suburban food store.

But under the Whole Foods facade of carrot crates and egg carton stacks, something special is going on inside new store Daily Table that is hard to miss — the supermarket’s prices are so low that it seems like they are competing with fast food.