‘The juice is Dynamite’: Trader Joe’s Army employees go viral for BTS-themed marketing

‘The juice is Dynamite’: Trader Joe’s Army employees go viral for BTS-themed marketing
Michelle De Pacina
June 7, 2022
A Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, New York, went viral for its BTS-themed marketing strategy.
A customer at the grocery store was surprised to find food displays referencing the world-renowned boy band BTS and uploaded photos of the advertisements to Twitter under the account @oq_sowoozoo on June 5.
One of the signs positioned over the ube (purple yam) products reads “Permission to Ube,” in reference to BTS’s hit song “Permission to Dance.”  
Trader Joe’s Power of Seven Purple Organic Juice was also advertised with a sign that reads, “To The Power of Seven,” referencing the group’s seven members. The pricing sign also has a note that reads, “The juice is Dynamite,” which is a nod to another BTS hit song titled “Dynamite.” 
“Trader Joe’s, which of your employees is Army, because they did a great job and I love them,” the customer captioned their Twitter post.
“Not me buying purple pancake mix because some clever soul used it to make a BTS reference when I don’t even have eggs or syrup at home,” they added.
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On Monday, the customer updated the original Twitter thread of the store’s BTS-themed food displays to credit the Trader Joe’s workers behind the marketing strategy.
“The very talented and clever Armys behind the displays are @neogotmysuh and their manager!” they shared, along with photos of a new display. “I went back for the cookies and to meet them. She’s so nice (name twin too?!) and look, they put up another display! I’m so impressed, this is the cutest, well done ami.” 
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“I work at this location!” the Trader Joe’s employee responded on Twitter. “My boss is the head army at this store lol. Come through on Friday, we’ll be playing BTS music all day!”
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BTS is expected to drop their comeback album with the tagline “We Are Bulletproof” on June 10. 
Featured Image via @oq_sowoozoo (left, right)
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