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Japanese Woman Gives Her Knockoff Chinese Pikachu ‘Plastic Surgery’

A dedicated Pokémon fan has made her bootleg Chinese Detective Pikachu plushie look nearly as adorable as an authentic one after giving it a full makeover.

Japanese Twitter user @a_nyahandmade shared that she ordered a Detective Pikachu plushie from a seller in China but was shocked to find that it looked completely different when the package finally arrived. As the original image shows, the Chinese plushie looked a bit dull and slightly chubbier than it should.

P‌ol‌ic‌e Called to Rescue Toddler After Getting Stuck in a Toy

A panicking mom called New Jersey p‌oli‌ce‌ when her 20-month-year old son managed to get himself stuck in a toy meant to teach children about shapes.

The toddler, Lucas, looked slightly embarrassed in photos taken by his mom, Soona Choe, after Ser‌gea‌n‌t Rick Hernandez responded to the call. He had the jaws of life en route to the home but was able to break the back panel of the toy.

‘World’s Best’ Fidget Spinner on Sale in Japan For $160

NSK Micro Precision, a major Japanese ball bearing maker located in Kanagawa Prefecture, recently claimed it has created the world’s best fidget spinner.

According to NSK Micro Precision Co. president, Toshikazu Ishii, the company is very confident that its version of the fidget spinner has the capability to spin much longer compared to the standard in the market today. In fact, the test that was conducted at AFP’s Tokyo bureau showed that the wheel-shaped Saturn Spinner managed to whirl for 13 minutes and 35 seconds, Japan Times reported.