‘Let it rip!’: Video of kids playing with Beyblades triggers nostalgia among TikTok users

‘Let it rip!’: Video of kids playing with Beyblades triggers nostalgia among TikTok users
via @johnreyshelby

"Went downstairs to the minimart and saw these kids playing beyblade," TikTok user @johnreyshelby wrote in his post's caption on Saturday

April 27, 2023
A recent TikTok video featuring Beyblades has made several social media users recall much simpler times.
On Saturday, Singaporean TikTok user @johnreyshelby shared a 20-second video showing a few neighborhood kids playing with the iconic Japanese spinning-top toys.
“Went downstairs to the minimart and saw these kids playing beyblade. What a legend,” he wrote in his TikTok post’s caption.
At the beginning of the video, which has already garnered over 64,000 views, an adult can be heard saying, “Come, show us how it’s done!” to the children. Meanwhile, another adult says Beyblade’s catchphrase, “Let it rip!”
“Let it rip!” the children scream before starting a battle with their Beyblades in a plastic arena.
Several TikTok users were quick to comment on the video, with many of them mentioning that they themselves used to play with Beyblades.
“Good to see this honestly, brings back memories,” one user wrote.
“Damn this hits home,” another user commented, while another said, “This brings so much memories. Challenging random kids in my neighbourhood.”
“These kids are gna [going to] have the best childhood ever,” another user wrote.
Some TikTok users also commented on the kids’ decision to play with old-school toys.
“Protect them before technology ruin them,” one user declared.
“YES, this is better than staying at home playing roblox,” another user said.
Beyblades, which were originally developed by Japanese toy company Takara, were first released in Japan in 1999.
The popular toys were inspired by the traditional Japanese spinning top known as beigoma. To compete with Beyblades, players must launch their spinning tops using a “BeyLauncher” into an arena called a “Beystadium.” The official Beyblade rulebook states that in order to win, a player must either out-spin their opponent’s Beyblade or knock it out of the arena.
Since their 1999 release, the toys have inspired several manga, anime and video game adaptations. Last year, it was announced that a live-action adaptation for Paramount, with “Pirates of the Caribbean” producer Jerry Bruckheimer set to produce, is in the works.

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