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Pennsylvania Asian restaurant shuts down permanently after owner fatally shoots man who attempted robbery

  • Asian Best announced it would permanently close after a fatal robbery attempt on Tuesday.
  • The robber was identified as 33-year-old Rickey Cox Jr. from nearby Manchester Township.

Asian Best, a Chinese and Thai restaurant in York, Pennsylvania, that was recently hit by an attempted robbery on Tuesday, announced it would permanently close its doors following the deadly incident.

The restaurant announced on Wednesday on its Facebook page that the business, which had served the community of York since 2009, would be closing down after the incident, which left one man dead, according to York Daily Record.

Family-Owned Thai Restaurant in Texas Gets Racist ‘Speak English’ Note From Customer

A Thai restaurant located in Lubbock, Texas received a disturbing anonymous message on Thursday, demanding that the restaurant’s employees “learn to speak English.”

Thai Thai Restaurant posted a photo of the message, which was handwritten on a napkin, on their Facebook page. The note read: “If you’re going to live in AMERICA learn to speak ENGLISH! Or, go back to where you came from!”

Thai Restaurant Owner Hilariously Lets Customers Know They’re Open During Ice Storm

Crazy weather conditions may be wreaking havoc on businesses up and down the East Coast, but one resilient little Thai restaurant made it known that a bit of ice and cold wouldn’t be sputtering their engine anytime soon.

Despite a dangerous ice storm that forced many schools and businesses in Marquette, Michigan to close down, Rice Paddy — a home-owned Thai restaurant — took to their Facebook page to let their customers know they were still open for business.