Thai restaurant goes viral for refusing refunds for customers who ‘can’t handle’ the spice

Thai restaurant goes viral for refusing refunds for customers who ‘can’t handle’ the spiceThai restaurant goes viral for refusing refunds for customers who ‘can’t handle’ the spice
Michelle De Pacina
October 19, 2022
A Thai restaurant in upstate New York went viral for displaying a no-refund notice for customers who “can’t handle” their spicy food orders. 
The restaurant located in Catskill appears to have had enough with customers who ordered spicy food beyond what they can handle. To deal with the situation, it seems that the restaurant managers have taken the matter into their own hands and stopped offering refunds.  
“Spice level warning: Level 0-5,” the sign reads. “We will no longer issue refunds when you order your food spicy and can’t handle it.”
The sign was shared to Twitter on Sept. 29 by Rani Molla, a senior correspondent at Recode. 
“Imagine ordering spicy food then trying to return it because it’s spicy? Arrestable offense,” Molla tweeted. 
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The tweet has since gone viral with more than 11,000 retweets and over 123,000 likes, sparking a debate among Twitter users on both sides of the issue. 
“Okay as a person who can basically only handle bland foods (thanks, acid reflux and centuries of Northern European ancestry!) … anyone who asks for a REFUND is entitled af. You made that choice. Deal with it,” one user argued
Another user pointed out how the spice level varies per restaurant and chef, making it difficult to choose a spice level when eating at a Thai restaurant.
“It doesn’t help that asking for the same level of spicy yields different results by an order of magnitude, across restaurants, and even at the same restaurant, depending on the cook,” the person said
However, more users appear to have sided with the restaurant, with viewers praising the restaurant’s initiative. 
“Good. They shouldn’t have had to suffer them from the start,” one user wrote. “You order Thai food spicy, you either enjoy the suffering, or you don’t. Them’s the breaks.”
“Medium spice is always a bit of a gamble because you don’t know what the restaurant considers a medium level of spiciness,” one user shared. “I would never ask for a refund if it was spicier than I expected though. I made my choice, I knew the risk I was taking.”
There were also several users who expressed their shock at the idea that diners had asked for refunds. 
“I can’t believe that there are people shameless enough to ask for money back because the food was too spicy,” a user said. “I feel like even if it was too much for me I’d have too much dignity to do that.”
“I would LOVE to see a wall of shame for the people who have tried to get a refund for the food being too spicy,” another person wrote
Featured Image (representational) via Takeaway CC-BY-SA 3.0
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