3 men arrested for robbing California Thai restaurant and attempting to kidnap property owner

3 men arrested for robbing California Thai restaurant and attempting to kidnap property owner
Michelle De Pacina
November 25, 2022
Three men were arrested after robbing a Thai restaurant in California and attempting to kidnap the business’s property owner on Thanksgiving morning.  
Two men wearing hoodies were captured on surveillance footage breaking into a Thai Tuk Tuk restaurant in the 700 block of West Sixth Street in Corona at around 4 a.m. on Thursday.
A third burglar was caught on another camera rummaging through the business’s cash register. As the alarm goes off, the two men continue to steal cash and other valuable items for about 40 seconds before fleeing.
According to detectives, the building’s property owner, who lives nearby, was alerted by the alarm and arrived on the scene. When she tried to intervene in the robbery, the men pointed a gun to her head and attempted to take her phone and kidnap her.
She managed to escape, and the restaurant owners showed up moments later, according to reports. 
“When we got here, they were in the process of getting in their car and leaving already. Right then, we decided to follow them slowly,” the restaurant owner’s son told NBC Los Angeles
Police said the suspects pointed a gun at the owners. The father and son continued to follow the suspects onto the 91 Freeway before the suspects eventually pulled over on the side of the freeway and ditched their car.
The police were able to spot the suspects on the freeway shoulder. All three men, including the driver, were arrested. Their identities have not been released by officials. 
“We were victims of a theft before. So basically, we just don’t want to be victims again,” the son told NBC Los Angeles. “It just felt like the right thing to do, you know? You gotta go after them sometimes.”
According to the restaurant owners, the incident was their third time being burglarized.
The Corona Police Department said all three men are from Los Angeles County. They are currently in custody with bail enhancements of $1 million.
Featured Image via FOX 11
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