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China is Arresting, Deporting More Foreign Teachers Than Ever Before

Chinese officials are reportedly arresting and deporting more foreign teachers in an effort to comply with the government’s push for a “cleaner” and more patriotic education system.

For one, Education First (EF), a Switzerland-based education company with 300 schools in 50 Chinese cities, found a “significant” increase in detentions for suspected crimes involving drugs, fighting and cybersecurity, according to Reuters.

White Teachers are Failing Students of Color and It’s Time For Them to Wake Up

Many of us hold on to certain memories from our childhood school days for the rest of our lives — our own parents and grandparents likely have their own stories to tell as well, when things were simpler and more innocent. Sometimes these memories are exceptionally good, but other times they are hurtful or even traumatic and they have the power to stay with us from childhood into adulthood. From all of the Asian American men and women I’ve spoken to over the years, we’ve all got our fair share of the latter.

For Asian children growing up in Western countries, growing pains means far more than just puberty and school drama. It means racially motivated bullying and it means being forced to grow thicker skin in order to cope. Schools can be a breeding ground for racist narratives and teachers oftentimes determine whether these ideas are stopped in their tracks or exacerbated even further. Many times without knowing, or caring, these teachers play a huge role in a child’s development.

Chinese Student Learns Just Before Graduation She’s ‘Too Short’ to Be a Teacher

A university student was in the middle of a “cruel” and “discriminatory” government regulation after she found out that she can’t become a teacher because of her short stature.

The female student, surnamed Li, was enrolled at Shaanxi Normal University in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China, through a program that would immediately place her as a teacher at a public school after graduation in exchange for a full scholarship, according to Xinhuanet.

NYC Teacher Resigns After He’s Caught Asking Student for ‘Workout Pics’

A former English teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School in New York resigned after he allegedly asked a student to send him “workout pics” and invited her to a Flo Rida concert.

David Lo, 39, is accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with one of his students at the high school when she approached him in June 2015 to request “extra credit,” investigators said.

Donald Trump May Hire an Asian-American Woman to Be the Next Secretary of Education

Former Washington D.C. public schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee, is reportedly on President-Elect Donald Trump’s short list to be the next education secretary.

Rhee, who is the daughter of South Korean immigrants, is considered a hero of the education-reform movement and has reportedly been eyed as a possible nominee to take over the Education Department when Trump is sworn into office. Charter school executive Eva Moskowitz and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson were also in the running, according to The Washingtonian.