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Travelers Will Now Have to Pay a $9 ‘Sayonara Tax’ When Leaving Japan

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Those who are planning to travel to Japan might need to save up a little change before leaving the country as the government officially implemented a departure tax earlier this week.

The new law, which is being dubbed as “Sayonara Tax,” was put into effect on Monday, January 7, according to Yahoo News. Visitors in Japan will now have to pay 1,000 yen ($9) when they leave the country.

Elaine Chao Spent $5,000 an Hour on Private Jets to France and Italy Using Taxpayer Dollars

Cabinet officials Elaine Chao and Steve Mnuchin are drawing ire for using expensive government aircraft instead of commercial flights while on the job.

In the past eight months, Transportation Secretary Chao has used government planes seven times, the Washington Post reported. As head of the department, she has access to a fleet of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) jets.

Undercover Lap Dance Probe Leads to Ruling that Only Pole Dances Are Tax-Exempt

Pole dancing is just as much a legitimate form of artistic expression as opera and theater.

So said a New York tax law judge who ruled last Friday that the pole dancing done at Albany-based strip club Nite Moves is tax-exempt because it’s an art form, while the club’s private shows and lap dances are not and are therefore subject to a tax, reports New York Daily News.

IRS Takes $33,000 Cash From an Elderly Mexican Restaurant Owner’s Savings

mrs. lady's

There are a lot of don’ts in the business world. If you’re a business owner, don’t do this, this or this, for example, because doing those things will be absolutely terrible for your reputation, and thus your business. Also, don’t only deposit less than $10,000 into your bank account at a time, because doing that will get you reamed by the Internal Revenue Service, and well, the IRS is a BIG DEAL.