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Singaporean woman and her 91-year-old grandfather get matching tattoos to signify their ‘special bond’

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  • A woman in Singapore got matching tattoos with her 91-year-old grandfather as a symbol of their “special bond.”
  • Kimberly Andrea Lim, 27, said that growing up Catholic, her grandfather, Ortega Francis, would always remind her to pray, serving as the inspiration behind the matching tattoos.
  • Lim recalled her grandfather expressing enthusiasm at the prospect of getting matching tattoos and explained that he was excited to get another one after 70 years.
  • The granddaughter and grandfather duo were tattooed by Lim’s 34-year-old boyfriend, Christopher Sim, a local tattoo artist.

A 91-year-old grandfather, who last got tattooed over 70 years ago, agreed to get a matching “pray” tattoo with his 27-year-old granddaughter.

When Singapore-based Kimberly Andrea Lim, 27, first brought up the idea of getting matching tattoos with her grandfather, Ortega Francis, she recalled his excitement and how “his eyes lit up,” reported AsiaOne. Although Ortega hadn’t been inked in over 70 years and was worried that his skin would not be able to handle a tattoo at his age, he decided to go through with the idea.

Tattoo Artist Fixes Woman’s Botched Eyebrow Tattoos, Saves Her From Lifetime of Embarrassment

A woman from Thailand’s Surat Thani province was recently saved from a lifetime of embarrassment thanks to a kindhearted tattoo artist after receiving botched eyebrow tattoos.

The woman, identified as Kanyarat Dew Chaichan on Facebook, went to a cheap tattoo shop to get her eyebrows done. But in the end, she received an eyebrow tattoo that looked like the vowel “Ei” in Thai, according to The Nation.

Japanese Man Drugs Cafe Maid, Tattoos His Initial on Her Butt

Police in Japan arrested a 43-year-old man named Naohiro Kobayashi from Taito District, Tokyo, after allegations that he tattooed his initial “N” on the butt of a maid cafe employee.

The incident occurred in November after Kobayashi invited the 19-year-old employee back to his place and made her drink juice with an extremely high alcohol level of 90%, according to Nippon News Network, as translated by SoraNews24.

This Service Will Preserve Your Tattoos Forever — Even After You Die

Many people believe in preserving art because it tells important stories that should be passed down to younger generations for years to come. Tattoos, however, are only now being considered an art form by the general public.

Charles Hamm, founder of the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art, wants to further the popular notion and wants to create a way for people to preserve them when a tattooed individual passes away, according to Vice.