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‘Yellow banana’ chant at World Table Tennis Championships draws backlash, ITTF apology

ITTF vows to take action after racist incident at the World Table Tennis Championships in Texas

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has committed to preventing “racist incidents” following the “yellow banana” chant of spectators at the World Table Tennis Championships in Texas on Saturday.

What happened: A crowd member reportedly began chanting “yellow banana” during the fourth round of a 16-round match between Chinese table tennis star Liang Jingkun and British player Liam Pitchford at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, according to South China Morning Post.

Asian American Paralympian Ian Seidenfeld carries family legacy by winning table tennis gold in Tokyo

Ian Seidenfeld wins gold medal in table tennis at the Paralympics

Asian American table tennis player Ian Seidenfeld is now a gold medalist like his father after beating Peter Rosenmeier at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games on Saturday.

Winning moment: Seidenfeld, 20, from Lakeville, Minn., defeated the Danish defending champion 11-9, 11-8 and 11-8 in the men’s table tennis Class 6 held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. He was photographed running to hug his coach and father, Mitchell, as they celebrated his 3-0 victory.

Chinese gold medalist Sun Yingsha wasn’t told about her grandmother’s death so she can focus on the Olympics

Sun Yingsha wasn't told about grandmother

A Chinese table tennis star won gold in the women’s team event and silver in the women’s singles in the Tokyo Olympics, all without knowing that her grandmother had died months earlier.

The big secret: Sun Yingsha, 20, was deliberately kept in the dark by her family, who came to the decision to help her stay focused. Ultimately, her Olympic performance saw her ascend to No. 2 in the ITTF world rankings, surpassing Japan’s Mima Ito and trailing behind compatriot Chen Meng, who won the gold in the singles event, the South China Morning Post noted.

Shanghai Martial Artist Sets Guinness World Record Playing Ping Pong With Nunchaku


A martial arts coach in China set a new Guinness World Record for hitting 32 table tennis balls using only a nunchaku, a traditional weapon consisting of two sticks connected by either a chain or rope.

Xie Desheng, a 28-year-old martial arts coach in the Shanghai paramilitary police, was able to hit 32 table tennis balls with his nunchucks, setting a new world record, according to Shanghaiist.