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The new Superman’s love interest is a male reporter named Jay Nakamura

Superman comic

Jonathan Kent – the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane – is set to come out as bisexual after falling in love with a Japanese male reporter in the fifth issue of “Superman: Son of Kal-El.”

A new twist: On Monday, DC Comics teased fans with images from the upcoming issue showing Jon Kent and his partner, Jay Nakamura, in a romantic setting. The new issue, written by Tom Taylor with art by John Timm, will be available on Nov. 9.

24 Chinese Bootleg Toys Naughty Kids Better Pray They Won’t Get This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and while everyone is busy hanging up their stockings and chugging hot cocoa, Santa is busy making his list and checking it twice. If you’ve been good this year, you’re bound to get that … ohh, what is it that kids are playing with these days? Furbies? Laser tag set? Skip-its?

Yes, those toys are relevant to today’s children.

Twitter Demands Daniel Dae Kim Become The Man of Steel… Or Else

There is no question that international action star Daniel Dae Kim can pull off any superhero role, even the iconic Superman from DC Comics.

The talented Korean American actor certainly has the build, looks and charisma of someone who could classify as superhero material. That is why a GIF image of him simply removing his glasses has sparked buzz on Twitter about him being fit to play the man from Krypton.

Meet Kenan Kong: The New Chinese Super-Man

In line with DC Comics’ “Rebirth” initiative, the new monthly title called “New Super-Man” that introduces a Chinese teenager in the lead role has finally been released. His name is Kenan Kong, a Shanghai native who’s not exactly superhero material — at least not in the title’s official preview.

Kenan’s name comes from “Ke,” which means “overcoming something,” and “Nan,” which means “south.” His story sets in from Superman’s death in the New 52 revamp, when his powers are spread throughout the planet.