Meet Kenan Kong: The New Chinese Super-Man

Meet Kenan Kong: The New Chinese Super-Man
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July 11, 2016
In line with DC Comics’ “Rebirth” initiative, the new monthly title called “New Super-Man” that introduces a Chinese teenager in the lead role has finally been released. His name is Kenan Kong, a Shanghai native who’s not exactly superhero material — at least not in the title’s official preview.
Kenan’s name comes from “Ke,” which means “overcoming something,” and “Nan,” which means “south.” His story sets in from Superman’s death in the New 52 revamp, when his powers are spread throughout the planet.
The preview contains the first four pages of the debut issue. From the very first line, readers get to see why Kenan is no ordinary protagonist. He opens, “In the whole history of China, there are maybe three other people as important as I am: the first emperor, chairman Mao and Yao Ming.”
Later on, Kenan introduces himself, “This is me. Broad-shouldered. Handsome like a movie star. Tall, but not in a freaky way like Yao Ming. This is what somebody important looks like.”
Kenan’s internal monologue goes on as he bullies “fat boy,” whose real name happens to be Lixin. Pissed off, Lixin throws his food at the bully. Kenan is angered and attempts to chase Lixin again, but this time, he finds someone else clutching his prey.
This guy is Blue Condor, whom Kenan calls one of Shanghai and China’s “American-style super villains.” Blue Condor spreads terror to the rich and powerful every few months, and Lixin’s family is no exception.
The preview ends with Kenan telling himself to run, but finds himself stuck at the scene. Is he going to help “fat boy” after all? Will he discover his own Man of Steel now? Will he beat Blue Condor in this first encounter?
We’ve got so many questions to answer, but we’re looking to find some answered at the release of the first issue on July 13. Prepare $2.99 to get your copy!
“New Super-Man” is written by Gene Luen Yang, with Viktor Bogdanovic bringing characters to life. Are you excited to grab the first issue?
Source: Angry Asian Man
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