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Malaysian Mom Makes $4,400 Playing ‘PUBG’, Encourages Kids to Live Their Dreams

Roslinda Embran, more famously known online as Lynda Embran, or Miss Rose, is living proof that anyone can become a successful streamer if they just work hard at it.

The Malaysian housewife shared her story while speaking to Zayan My in December. She admitted that it did not go smoothly when she first started out streaming “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (“PUBG”), as translated by World of Buzz.

Twitch Streamer Gets Manhandled By Drunk Man in Tokyo During Livestream

In Real Life (IRL) Twitch streamer Ellie “elliegato” Li was recently manhandled by a drunk customer during one of her streams in a Roppongi bar in Tokyo, Japan.

Li was doing her usual stuff on August 14 where she go out and streams all that’s happening to her everyday life, but that night, things got a bit awkward when a visibly drunk Caucasian man suddenly grabbed her by her shoulders and started to talk incoherently through the camera while flipping off her viewers.