Malaysian Mom Makes $4,400 Playing ‘PUBG’, Encourages Kids to Live Their Dreams

Malaysian Mom Makes $4,400 Playing ‘PUBG’, Encourages Kids to Live Their Dreams
Bryan Ke
January 9, 2020
Roslinda Embran, more famously known online as Lynda Embran, or Miss Rose, is living proof that anyone can become a successful streamer if they just work hard at it.
The Malaysian housewife shared her story while speaking to Zayan My in December. She admitted that it did not go smoothly when she first started out streaming “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (“PUBG”), as translated by World of Buzz.
The streamer said she started out with just five viewers and continued to improve herself by researching and seeking advice from other successful streamers online. She eventually hit her mark and received a five-figure income as her first salary.
Even though she was earning money, Embran still received some criticism from other people. But the comments did not stop her from doing what she loves.
“They say things like, ‘why are you playing video games? it’s better for you if you just cook in the kitchen. Don’t you have work to do?’ I try to ignore these hateful comments and respond by saying, ‘This is my job. I play video games and earn my own living while supporting my family!’” she said.
At first, Embran relied on her husband for money, but after she began earning her own income from streaming, she said she now feels a new sense of independence.
“At first, I could only hope for money from my husband. But now as a video game streamer, our contracts depend on the following of our viewers,” she said. “If we stream every day, Facebook will contact you to make you a partner.”
Even though she is now a successful streamer, Embran’s top priority is still her family. She always finds the time to balance her career and being a wife and mother.
“To succeed, don’t give up even for a second. Keep trying even if you may fail many times. The first thing you must do is set your dream,” she said as she encouraged those who would like to get into streaming.
“There’s nothing wrong with trying. If you’re young and you want to become a streamer, you have to keep trying and prove yourself to the world!”
Feature Image Screenshot via Zayan My
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