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Silicon Valley Startup is Now Selling a Drink to Make You ‘Super Human’

A Silicon Valley startup is now selling what it believes is the fourth type of fuel for humans, casting carbohydrates, proteins and fats aside.

HVMN, pronounced as “human,” launched its newest product on Nov. 6: a 2.2-ounce vial of ketone ester called “Ketone.” For $33, it supposedly improves athletic performance and concentration to make you more “super”.

Meet the Man Behind Hong Kong’s First $1 Billion ‘Unicorn’ Startup

When Steven Lam encountered the difficulty of finding delivery vans for his first venture in 2010, he stumbled upon a new business opportunity that would eventually become Hong Kong’s first “unicorn” startup.

Lam came up with the idea for his on-demand van hire service GoGoVan, after he and his business partners found that it was almost impossible to immediately find a delivery van that could transport items for their business whenever they needed to.

Tech Bros Accused of Sexual Harassment, Bragging About Hiring ‘Samurai Girls’ For Asia Trip

A California media startup specializing in virtual reality has recently been accused of sexual harassment, sex and gender discrimination and wrongful termination by a former employee.

Elizabeth Scott, former Director of Digital and Social Media of UploadVR, filed a suit against the firm and its co-founders Will Mason and Taylor Freeman, reports TechCrunchFreeman is currently the company’s CEO, while Mason holds the president post.

Indian Startup Launches Vending Machine That Sells Solid Gold

Rich Indians love their shiny treasures, which might explain the growing number of startups in India, most of which are online shops, that are continuously tapping on the country’s notorious age-old obsession with both gold and jewelry.

One particular company is Bluestone, a startup backed by Indian businessman Ratan Tata, which has just created a gold-vending machine for those who need their 24 karat gold on the go, Tech In Asia reported. Installed in two very popular shopping malls in Bangalore and Delhi, the machines allow customers to buy gold very conveniently either for gifting or investment purposes.