Meet the 13-Year-Old Filipino Programmer Who Built Her Own Company

Meet the 13-Year-Old Filipino Programmer Who Built Her Own CompanyMeet the 13-Year-Old Filipino Programmer Who Built Her Own Company
While many 10-year-old kids are busy playing outside, one young girl from the Philippines got busy learning something very different.
Isabel Sieh, from Antipolo City, Philippines, was just 10-year-old when she began learning how to code — a skill that has made many people millionaires and billionaires.
According to Gineers Now, the youngster who is now 13 was first introduced to coding three years ago. She said that her teacher noticed that she excelled in math and suggested that she start learning how to code.
Using the website Code Academy, Sieh was able to learn HTML and JavaScript through online classes. Furthermore, her mother hired a tutor to help her enhance her knowledge even more.
After discovering her passion for programming, Sieh started her company called “Girls Will Code.” Sieh believes that it is easier to learn when you’re part of a community, so she started the company aimed at helping young girls who are also interested in coding. They also encourage schools to implement coding as an after school activity.
Just last month, Sieh visited an elementary school in the Philippines to share her knowledge about basic programming. To make it easier for younger kids, she used Scratch Jr., a programming language where children can build interactive stories and games.
“It’s the same thing as language. As you learn early, you get really fluent,” Sieh said.
The inspiring story of this young girl just proves that there’s no age requirement when it comes to learning — or that you’re never too young to start your own company.
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