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New Beijing Winter Olympics English-language song draws mixed reactions online

olympics join us song
  • China has unveiled a new music video for the 2022 Winter Olympics featuring popular singer Zeng Shunxi, journalist Lu Binqi and rap group CDRev.
  • The song “Join Us in Winter” promotes positivity and sportsmanship among participants.
  • While the video has earned praise from Chinese social media users on Weibo, it sparked ridicule from some international viewers on Twitter.

A new promotional song for the Beijing Winter Olympics has received both praise and ridicule from viewers online. 

State news agency Xinhua uploaded the music video for “Join Us in Winter” this week on Weibo, where it received positive reactions and comments from Chinese social media users, reported the New York Post

Gay Filipino-Korean Songwriter Owns Country in Hilarious Music Video

A Filipino-Korean writer, actor and musician from Ohio is the star of a new music video that hilariously weaves gay culture, Asian stereotypes and country music altogether.

Nathan Ramos, whose song “When December Comes” opened the ABC Christmas Day Parade in 2017, says that he wanted to create something that would subvert country music — something he describes as “a traditionally very straight white male space.”

How an American Woman’s Chinese Song Went Insanely Viral in China

U.S.-China relations may be rocky right now, but a hit Mandarin-language song written and performed by an American woman has once again displayed the powerful capacity of music to transcend boundaries.

Christine Welch’s “One Million Possibilities” (“一百萬個可能”), which was initially recorded in 2013, blew up on Chinese video sharing platform Douyin sometime in 2018.

Filipino-American Artist Jeremy Passion Calls Out Daniel Caesar’s Song For Suspicious Similarities

Singer and songwriter Jeremy Manongdo, also known as “Passion,” took to Facebook to ask his followers about the striking similarities between Daniel Caesar’s “Best Part feat. H.E.R” and one of his original songs.

The Filipino American artist was still a teenager when he became an overnight online music sensation back in 2003 after uploading a song called “Lemonade” on music streaming site SoundClick. 

Tencent’s Billionaire CEO Rocks ‘Hip-Hop’ Outfit for Company Meeting in Beijing

Looks like Tencent CEO Ma Huateng, also known as Pony Ma, is aiming to take the throne from Alibaba’s Jack Ma as the most badass tech entrepreneur by dressing up in hip-hop attire and performing a cheesy ballad on stage.

Ma, the founder of the most valuable tech company in China, surpassing Facebook with an estimated wealth of $43.1 billion, wore the outfit during a company meeting in Beijing last week, according to Shanghaiist.

Japanese Band Creates Romantic Christmas Version of the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, Nails It

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, or the PPAP song by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka aka Pikotaro has spawned a massive number of parodies on YouTube when it went viral two months ago. While some are entertaining, a great majority can be described as a general waste of bandwidth.

Japanese band White Jam, however, did something entirely different by releasing a Christmas version of the PPAP song with a romantic twist.