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DC man sentenced to under 2 years in jail for assault that left Chinese family with cuts, bruises and fractures

  • Patrick Trebat, 39, has been sentenced to 630 days in jail after pleading guilty to attacking a Chinese family in Washington, D.C., last August.
  • Prosecutors said Trebat attacked the family of three — a man, a woman and their adult son — because they spoke in a language he did not understand.
  • Trebat yelled profanities at the family, including statements such as “You are not American” and “Go back to your country.”
  • He first attacked the older man from behind, punching the back of his head and pushing him to the ground. He also shoved the woman to the ground and punched their son in the face when he tried to defend his parents.
  • Trebat’s jail sentence may be suspended to just 210 days if he completes three years of supervised probation.

A man from Washington, D.C., has been sentenced to 630 days in jail after pleading guilty to a hate-based assault of a Chinese family last year.

The family of three — a man, a woman and their adult son — was walking near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue NW and Fulton Street NW at around 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 7 when Patrick Trebat, 39, began shouting profanities at them.

Disgraced K-pop star Seungri admits guilt, gets 3-year jail sentence halved

  • Former K-pop star Seungri, who rose to fame as a member of Big Bang, is facing nine charges related to prostitution, drug trafficking and police corruption.
  • After pleading guilty to just one charge last August, he admitted to all charges in an appeal hearing on Thursday.
  • His original three-year jail sentence was reduced to one year and six months.

Former K-pop idol and Big Bang member Seungri will serve a reduced jail sentence after pleading guilty to all charges after previously denying all but one.

Seungri, who faces a total of nine charges following the Burning Sun scandal, appeared for his appeal trial on Thursday and reportedly expressed remorse for his actions.

Sentencing of South Korean teen who ‘accidentally’ stabbed grandmother 60 times for nagging sparks anger

South Korean Teen murder
  • A 19-year-old South Korean teenager stabbed his grandmother 60 times, reportedly out of anger due to her nagging. His 17-year-old brother assisted him by shutting their home’s windows.
  • The South Korean court ruled the murder as “accidental” and gave lenient sentences, sparking online criticisms against the country’s judicial system.

The South Korean court has ruled the murder of a grandmother as “accidental” after her teen grandson brutally stabbed her 60 times.

A 19-year-old South Korean man was found guilty of fatally stabbing his grandmother 60 times. His 17-year-old younger brother assisted in the murder by closing the windows of their home to cover up their 77-year-old grandmother’s screams, according to The Korea Herald.

Taiwanese father is sentenced for assisting suicide of disabled son who faced amputations

Father assisted suicide
  • A Taiwanese man, only identified as Chang, helped his disabled son kill himself last year.
  • Chang has been sentenced to one year and six months in prison and has also been given a three-year probation.
  • He reportedly used a fruit knife to grant his son’s wish.
  • Chang turned himself in after the incident, and his son was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A Taiwanese man who assisted his disabled son with committing suicide last year has been sentenced to jail and given a probation.

The man, identified only as Chang, was sentenced to one year and six months of imprisonment followed by a three-year probation with protection and restraint, according to CNA.

North Carolina man given record prison sentence for livestreaming sex abuse of Filipino children

child sex abuse sentencing
  • Jake Ross, a 47-year-old man from North Carolina, received the longest sentence given in a child pornography case by the federal court for paying a mother to sexually abuse her children in the Philippines while he watched it live through videochat.
  • He was also given a lifetime of court supervision.
  • The Philippines was described as “the global epicentre of the live-stream sexual abuse trade” by UNICEF in 2016.

A man from North Carolina, Jake Ross, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for paying a mother in the Philippines to sexually abuse her children over livestream.

The 47-year-old man from McDowell County received the longest sentence ever given in a child pornography case by the federal courts in the Asheville division of the Western District of North Carolina, reported the Charlotte Observer

Frustrated man in China sets fire to ‘slow’ internet cables, causes days-long internet shutdown for thousands

slow internet cable fire
  • A Chinese man took out his frustration on a public telecommunications box with optical fiber network cables by setting it on fire with a lighter and a napkin.
  • The man was allegedly aggravated because of the “slow” connection of the Internet cafe he was in.
  • The damage caused several buildings in the area — including a public hospital and 4,000 households and offices — to lose their internet connection for up to two days.
  • He has been sentenced to seven years in jail for "destroying public telecommunications facilities."

A Chinese court has sentenced a man to seven years of imprisonment for allegedly setting a telecommunications box on fire because the Internet was reportedly “slow.”

The man, only identified by his surname Lan, was sentenced on Monday for the incident that occurred in China’s autonomous region of Guangxi in June 2021, according to Agence France-Presse via The Straits Times.