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‘She was ours’: How Hello Kitty went from being popular with Asian Americans in the ’70s to being a global icon

Her name is Kitty White. And she’s not a cat but a “happy girl with a heart of gold,” read the character’s official profile on Japanese company Sanrio.

Hello Kitty may be one of the most recognizable and enduring cartoon characters in the world, but even for her most ardent fans, there’s still a lot to learn about the adorable icon.

Sanrio’s Newest Character Who’s Secretly Filled With Violent Rage is My Spirit Animal

Sanrio, the company responsible for Hello Kitty, the global icon for everything nice, sweet, and cute, is introducing a new cartoon with a totally different persona: an angst-filled corporate drone named Aggretsuko.

While Aggretsuko, a red female panda, may look like your typical anthropomorphic cute animal character, she has, in fact, got a lot more relatable personality in her.

One of Japan’s Most Popular Cartoons is an Egg Suffering From ‘Crippling Depression’

Sanrio, home of the fun-loving cartoon gang of the Hello Kitty lore, has a cartoon that seems like a complete departure from its original characters’ usual positive vibe.  

Introduced in 2013, Gudetamathe “misanthropic egg” suffering from “crippling depression,” has become another massive hit for the studio, according to PRI. His name is a play on “gude gude”, a term used for someone who has no energy or strength, and “tama” from tamago, or egg.