Netflix takes a crack at Gudetama series with new trailer

Netflix takes a crack at Gudetama series with new trailerNetflix takes a crack at Gudetama series with new trailer
Why did the chicken cross the road? To find its mother, according to Netflix’s new trailer posted on Sunday for the upcoming series “Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure.”
Gudetama, the lazy egg character from beloved Japanese company Sanrio, will be taking on a different kind of egg role as it stars in its own series. The news was first announced as part of Netflix’s TUDUM livestream event last weekend.
The trailer of the upcoming live-action series, which will incorporate CGI, shows Gudetama not too eggs-cited about anything, remarking, “Life is about being swept along.”
However, a cheerful chick named Shakipiyo soon shows up. He claims they are siblings and must find their mother. Gudetama tells Shakipiyo that he should go find their mother by himself, prompting Shakipiyo to call Gudetama a chicken.
The two take a leap of faith from the fridge and scramble along their search. A montage shows Gudetama on various dishes while carelessly saying, “Our fate is to be eaten, I think.”
Human antagonists are then shown hatching a plan to poach Gudetama for their own consumption. “If we’re found, we’ll get eaten!” Shakipiyo cries. To make matters worse, Gudetama and the plucky chick find themselves in a race against time since Gudetama has an expiration date.
Not yolking around, “Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure” will premiere on Dec. 13. Be sure not to egg-nore Yuko Hara of Japanese band Southern All Stars singing “Gudetama March,” the upcoming show’s theme song.
Watch the eggs-citing trailer below:
Featured Image via Netflix Asia
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