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Falling Meatball Causes College Student to Fail Economics Exam at Home


A college student who suffered a very low score during an exam has a perfectly reasonable excuse why she failed: a meatball from her sandwich fell on her keyboard and abruptly exited her test midway.

The mid-exam snafu caused a 20-year-old University of Georgia student, Samantha Lee, to get a 39% score on her economics exam and a dilemma on how she would explain the situation to her professor.

White Chef Enrages the Asian Community AGAIN After Making a Chicken Sandwich and Calling it ‘Pho’

Stock Rittenhouse, a restaurant in Philadelphia owned by chef Tyler Akin, is getting dragged online after netizens discovered a dish on the menu called Pho Fried Chicken Sandwich.

According to the description, the sandwich consists of “crispy chicken thigh with fish sauce caramel glaze, pho spices, cilantro root mayonnaise, spicy hoisin, black pepper, coriander pickled onions, and Thai basil.”