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Momofuku’s David Chang cooks mouthwatering salmon… with a microwave

  • Celebrity chef and Momofuku founder David Chang shocked the internet in a recent video of him cooking a mouthwatering piece of salmon in 5 minutes – with a microwave.
  • “I like steamed fish, I also had very little time to get dinner on the table for my kids,” he explains in the now-viral video.
  • The Asian American restaurateur first adds soy sauce to a piece of salmon in a microwave-safe bowl.
  • He then adds some agave nectar and seasoned salt before combining the ingredients with his fingers and placing a microwave-safe lid on the bowl.
  • To cook the salmon, he uses a microwave for five minutes on standard power and recommends letting the fish rest for around at least 1 minute.
  • The video, which was posted on Oct. 28, has amassed over 660,000 views and over 60,000 likes.

Celebrity chef and Momofuku founder David Chang shocked the internet by cooking a mouthwatering piece of salmon in five minutes – with a microwave.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Chang tells his followers to “think of a microwave as a futuristic steamer.” 

Taiwanese diners who legally changed their names to ‘Salmon’ to get free sushi discover they can’t undo it

  • Some of the 331 people who legally changed their names for a two-day promotion that gave free sushi are are now unable to reverse the changes.
  • The restaurant chain Sushiro ran the promotion in March 2021, resulting in hundreds of Taiwanese people paying a fee to legally change their names to “Salmon.”
  • Legislators in Taiwan's national parliament have proposed changing the name ordinance to allow people stuck with the name change to reclaim their birth names.
  • Taiwan’s government criticized the promotion at the time, complaining that it would create unnecessary paperwork.

Some Taiwanese people who legally changed their names to “Salmon” in exchange for free sushi are now stuck with the name one year later. 

Sushiro, a conveyor belt sushi chain restaurant, ran a two-day promotion in March 2021 where individuals with the Chinese characters for salmon, “gui yu,” would receive free all-you-can-eat sushi. The promotion, later called the “salmon chaos,” had 331 participants who paid a fee to legally change their names to those such as “Salmon Dream” and “Dancing Salmon.”

Malaysians Are Allegedly Dipping Raw Salmon Into Black Coffee for Breakfast


A seafood retailer in Malaysia has captured the imagination of social media users after a Facebook page shared a supposed new way of eating salmon which involved dunking the fish into black coffee.

In an image posted on the Facebook page “Kia Eat Play,” someone is shown apparently dipping the salmon meat into a cup of kopi O, a type of traditional Singapore black coffee. The popular drink, which has Hainanese roots, is highly caffeinated and served with sugar instead of milk.

People are Freaking Out Over the First-Ever Approved Genetically Modified Super Salmon

Today, the Food and Drug Administration has, for the first time ever, approved a genetically altered animal as safe for human consumption in the U.S. The new animal is a fast-growing super salmon that critics are calling a “frankenfish.”

Officially, it’s called the AquAdvantage Salmon, which was created by Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty. CEO Ron Stotish touts the fish as a “game changer that brings healthy and nutritious food to consumers in an environmentally responsible manner without damaging the ocean and other marine habitats.”