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Vancouver woman charged for throwing coffee at Asian shop manager begins trial

  • Astrid Maria Secreve is facing a mischief charge alongside her ex-husband Jean-Jacque Berthiaume for allegedly hurling coffee and racial slurs at an Asian Canadian coffee shop manager on March 29, 2021.
  • The incident reportedly began when the pair ignored the shop’s COVID-19 guidelines and were consequently asked by the manager to change seats.
  • Instead of complying, Berthiaume allegedly poured his mocha on the floor, while Secreve allegedly threw a cup of coffee at the manager.
  • The pair’s trial, which was originally scheduled in April, began on Thursday.
  • Secreve also made headlines in April after being filmed using an anti-Chinese slur toward a CTV News crew that included a camera operator of Asian descent.

A Vancouver woman charged for hurling coffee and racial slurs at an Asian Canadian coffee shop manager last year entered trial on Thursday.

Astrid Maria Secreve, a co-defendant in the mischief case with her ex-husband Michel Jean-Jacque Berthiaume, made headlines this April after being filmed using an anti-Asian slur on her way to a court in Richmond.

Korean words are being mistaken for racial slurs in latest trending K-pop song

tiktok kpop
  • The latest K-pop song to trend on TikTok, “Darari” by Treasure, has caused misunderstanding among some users, given a particular set of lyrics that sound similar to a racial slur in American English.
  • The song begins with the Korean words “nikka” (“니까”), a conjunction, along with “niga” (“니가”), which roughly translates to an informal use of the word “you.”
  • Users on the social media platform have misinterpreted the lyrics as including the N-word.
  • While there seems to be a general understanding that the word is of a different language and therefore harmless, Japanese TikToker @jun1515 recently apologized for a video in which she lip-synced to the lyrics after commenters claimed she was saying a racial slur.
  • In 2018, the lyrics to BTS’s song “Fake Love,” which included similar Korean words “niga” and “naega,” were censored on American Radio stations.
  • The group also changed the lyrics during a live performance of the song, explaining that they wanted to prevent misunderstandings.
  • In 2020, USC communications professor Greg Patton was suspended after a similar misunderstanding of a Mandarin phrase drew offense.

Is it a racial slur or is it simply another language?

The question has popped up frequently in the context of several Asian languages over the years. And now that Korean pop music has been dominating the West, common Korean lyrics are being mistaken for anti-Black slurs by English speakers.

Andrew Yang apologizes for saying Joe Rogan isn’t racist because he works with black people

andrew yang joe rogan
  • Andrew Yang attempted to backtrack on an earlier tweet that said podcast host Joe Rogan isn’t racist because he works with Black people.
  • In a series of follow-up posts explaining his defense of Rogan, Yang said, “Racism is real deep,” but that he wanted to “believe the best of people – especially if I’ve met and spent time with that person.”
  • While the original tweet has since been deleted, screenshots were widely shared and sparked outrage.

Andrew Yang attempted to backtrack on an earlier Monday tweet that said popular podcast host Joe Rogan, who is facing a storm of controversy, isn’t racist because he works with Black people.

“I don’t think Joe Rogan is a racist — the man interacts with and works with black people literally all of the time,” the former Democratic presidential candidate tweeted on Sunday.

Man who hurled racial slurs at Asian police officer threatens to ‘f*ck up’ next police funeral

Man threatens NYPD police funeral
  • Terrell Harper, 39, threatened the NYPD via Instagram Stories and said that he would "f*ck up" the “next cop funeral.”
  • Harper posted the story on Saturday – one day after Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was laid to rest.
  • Rivera and his partner, Wilbert Mora, 27, died after being shot during a domestic violence call in the Bronx on Jan. 21.
  • Last year, Harper was sued by NYPD Detective Vincent Chung for hurling racial slurs at him during a social justice protest in New York in March.

The man who was filmed hurling racial slurs at an Asian NYPD detective last year has allegedly threatened the city’s police department, claiming he will “f*ck up” the “next cop funeral.”

Terrell Harper, 39, made the threatening remarks in several private Instagram Stories on Saturday – a day after officer Jason Rivera, 22, was laid to rest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, according to the New York Post.

‘Equivalent to the n-word’: Woman kicked out of Richmond store for using Cantonese slang term

  • An Asian woman was asked to leave a store in Richmond, Canada, for allegedly using a Cantonese term to describe a white person as a “ghost man” or “foreign devil.”
  • According to the store’s staff, “gweilo” is a term “equivalent to the n-word.”
  • The woman has reportedly been banned from the store following the incident — a claim the store refuted in a statement on Monday.

An Asian woman was asked to leave a store in Richmond, Canada, after she allegedly used a Cantonese term to describe a white person as a “ghost man” or “foreign devil.”

Eugene Ho was accompanying his girlfriend’s mother to a Shaw store in Richmond Centre shopping mall in November 2021 when the incident occurred, according to Richmond News. Ho wrote about their experience at the store in a Facebook post last month.

Asian passenger on Toronto train is bombarded with racist slurs, spit at by female rider

Toronto Transit Racism
  • A video of a woman unleashing a racist tirade against and spitting on an Asian public transit rider in Toronto has gained attention after being posted to Twitter on Wednesday.
  • In the clip shared by Stop Asian Hate Canada, which is slightly under a minute and 30 seconds long, the woman screams racial slurs and tells the man to “get off the f*cking train.”
  • The man retaliates against the verbal onslaught, yelling back, “I can defend myself!”

Stop Asian Hate Canada shared a video of a woman screaming racial slurs at an Asian passenger on a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) train. 

The video, which runs for a minute and 25 seconds, starts with the woman in close proximity to the Asian man as she confronts him while he leans against the doors of the train. “Get off the f*cking train!” she yells. “I said f*ck you!” the man yells back. “I can defend myself!” 

Oregon State Rep Candidate Called a ‘Chink’ in Racist Note

A Republican candidate for state representative in Oregon received a shockingly racist hand-written note on one of his campaign letters in the lead-up to election day, according to KATU.

Justin Hwang, a Korean-American small business owner, had reportedly been sending out campaign letters to houses with “no soliciting” signs on them when he had one of them mailed back to him on the morning of Nov 2, 2018.

Jeremy Lin Defends J.J. Redick, Believes He Didn’t Say ‘Chink’ in Controversial Video

Asian American NBA star Jeremy Lin had a conversation with Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard JJ Redick regarding his use of a racial slur against Chinese people.

Redick earned massive criticism online after he referred to his Chinese fans as “chinks” in a video.

Someone tell this stupid asshole from the @sixers that @NBA fans aren’t taking this racist shit in China.