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What It’s Like to Learn From the Legend Who Trained Constance Wu For ‘Hustlers’

Exotic pole dancing is among the most underestimated styles when it comes to pole.

For the uninitiated, the words “exotic” and “pole” used together in one sentence may conjure up images of simple body rolls. However, those familiar with the various styles and techniques already know how arm-intensive and physically demanding these sensual movements can be.

My Co-Worker Made Me Go Pole Dancing With Her Because I Said it Was Easy

You might imagine strippers sliding up and down a pole with dollar bills tucked in their underwear when you think of pole dancing, but it’s so much more than just a sexy workout — it actually takes some incredible muscle and skill if you want to look amazing doing it.

So we challenged ourselves to learn just how hard it is to pole dance — for both women AND men.

Undercover Lap Dance Probe Leads to Ruling that Only Pole Dances Are Tax-Exempt

Pole dancing is just as much a legitimate form of artistic expression as opera and theater.

So said a New York tax law judge who ruled last Friday that the pole dancing done at Albany-based strip club Nite Moves is tax-exempt because it’s an art form, while the club’s private shows and lap dances are not and are therefore subject to a tax, reports New York Daily News.