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Chinese Airlines Are Offering Pilots $318,000 to Fly Their Planes

You’ll wonder why you didn’t become a pilot after learning that Chinese airlines are looking to pay people $318,000 a year to fly their planes.

China needs pilots to captain their planes and they are flashing a lot of money to lure people in. Sichuan Airline, which has routes to Canada and Australia, is offering $302,000 while Qingdao Airlines, a regional carrier, is enticing pilots with a $318,000 salary. Both companies are also offering to take care of China’s income tax bill for those who are willing to relocate.

Here Are the Best Days and Times to Fly if You Want to Avoid Delays

If you’re booking a flight and want to avoid delays, the most important thing to consider is timing.

According to the below infographic from flyer compensation service Airhelp, the later your chosen flight time, the more likely you’ll experience a delay. The best time to fly if you’re looking to avoid a delay? Anywhere from 6:00-6:59 a.m., so the early birds win. The worst time? The reverse — 6:00-6:59 p.m.

Airbus’s Plans for Interactive Smart Glass in Future Plane Windows Are Revealed

In the future, when you’re traveling on a plane, you’ll have unparalleled and unobstructive views of landmarks below, and all you’ll have to do is tap on your window to learn about its history and how it was built.

Sound intriguing? Airbus thinks it is, which is why the airline just filed a U.S. patent on its smart window on March 19. The aim is to give flyers a unique, interactive travel experience that allows them to find out where they are and learn about the sights they see by tapping on the touchscreen window, just like on an iPad.