People are Using Hilariously Mundane Objects for the ‘Fake Plane Ride’ Challenge

People are Using Hilariously Mundane Objects for the ‘Fake Plane Ride’ Challenge
Carl Samson
February 15, 2019
A new challenge on Chinese social media has netizens searching for the most random yet deceiving objects at home to use as “windows” for faux plane flights.
The trend, aptly dubbed as the “fake plane ride” challenge, started picking up around the Lunar New Year, just after billions of trips were made across the country.
The challenge requires netizens to create the illusion of traveling on an aircraft using the hole of a random household object for an “aerial view.”
In one clip, the “passenger” is seen “hovering” above what appeared to be Mt. Fuji… only to reveal shortly after that his/her “plane window” is a detergent handle hovering above a smartphone screen.
Another clip shows one “flying” over a city covered in snow, which later zooms out to reveal that it was, in fact, a real view — but from a plastic stool.
Perhaps the most hilarious of all is one clip showing a female “passenger” the exact moment her “flight” takes off, as viewers would learn shortly that she was only looking at a desktop screen from a toilet seat.
Needless to say, the videos, which apparently originated from Douyin (TikTok), appear to be very believable at first glance.
Viewers commented:
“They’re so full of creativity!”
“Some are just so realistic.”
“I believed all of it hahaha.”
“I can’t believe I fell for them!”
The ingenious trend clearly put people’s creativity and resourcefulness to the test!
Check out other clips below:
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