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Vietnamese girl group DREAMeR accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK

Blackpink plagiarism
  • A Vietnamese girl group called DREAMeR is being accused of plagiarizing K-pop group BLACKPINK.
  • DREAMeR’s teaser poster has black and pink colors as well as two pink lightning bolts coming down from the top, similar to BLACKPINK’s world tour announcement poster.
  • Two members of DREAMeR have teaser images that seemingly copy Lisa’s “Pink Venom” teaser image and Rosé’s “On The Ground” solo images respectively, down to similar outfits, hair styling and visual effects.
  • “Born Pink” will be released on Friday and is the YG Entertainment girl group’s second studio-length album following 2020’s “The Album.”

Vietnamese girl group DREAMeR are “playing with fire” following plagiarism accusations by BLACKPINK fans.  

Netizens noticed the posts from the rookie Vietnamese girl group on September 14. One image of the group’s comeback shows similarity to BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” world tour announcement poster. DREAMeR’s image shows pink, protruding lightning bolts coming down from the top of the image, while BLACKPINK’s uses pink fangs.  

Girls’ Generation ‘Forever 1’ MV director apologizes for Tokyo DisneySea plagiarism accusations

  • Shin Hee-won, the director of Girls’ Generation’s “Forever 1” music video, apologized in an Instagram post on Sunday after being accused of copying Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary emblem for a set prop.
  • “After being commissioned for this music video, I was involved in not only the planning and directing process but also the selecting the smallest props,” Shin wrote in Korean. “Considering that, I am ashamed and sorry that I borrowed a design without permission."
  • The backlash started after Japanese fans took to Twitter to point out the similarities between the controversial prop and the Tokyo DisneySea emblem.
  • Twitter user @Kabosun3 shared a side-by-side image comparing the two highlighting identical details such as the circular design and the font used for the number 15.
  • The music video was released alongside the South Korean girl group’s seventh full-length album of the same name to mark their 15th anniversary on Aug. 5.

Shin Hee-won, the director of Girls’ Generation’s recently released music video, has issued an apology after Japanese fans accused him of copying the design of Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary emblem for a set prop.

On Aug. 5, Girls’ Generation marked their 15th anniversary with their comeback album “Forever 1,” led by the title track of the same name.

Singaporean photographer claims artist ‘ripped off’ her work, ‘mansplained’ copyright to her

Photographer Jingna Zhang posted on social media that a painter had “ripped off” her photograph and went on to win a cash prize in addition to showcasing their painting at a prestigious international exhibition.

In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, Zhang wrote, “Some guy really ripped off my photo, won a €1,500 prize, exhibited in a biennale supported by the Luxembourg government, then tried to mansplain copyright infringement to me. Where can I find a Luxembourgish speaker to help? Unbelievable.”

Duke senior’s commencement speech accused of being plagiarized from Harvard student’s 2014 address

  • Priya Parkash, Duke University’s commencement speaker for Duke’s Class of 2022, faced heavy criticism after delivering a speech that appears highly identical to a speech by Sarah Abushaar, Harvard University’s commencement speaker for Harvard’s Class of 2014.
  • During her commencement ceremony on May 8, Parkash called her school “the Duke nation” and declared that it could become its own country.
  • Duke’s student newspaper The Chronicle would later point out that this theme, along with several other metaphors and rhetoric from Parkash’s speech, have “striking similarities” to those from Abushaar’s speech, which emphasizes “the Harvard nation.” 
  • Some of the similarities between the two speeches include comparisons of campus monuments to iconic landmarks and alumni associations to tax collection agencies. 
  • On May 11, Parkash released a statement acknowledging the similarities between the two speeches, attributing them to “suggested passages” by “respected friends and family.” 
  • Abushaar later released a statement via The Crimson noting that she hopes Parkash can use the “serious error in judgment” as an “opportunity to learn and grow.”

A graduating student at Duke University faced heavy criticism after delivering a commencement address that shared “striking similarities” with a Harvard University graduation speech from 2014.

During her commencement ceremony on May 8, speaker Priya Parkash called her school “the Duke nation” and said it could become its own country due to its various associations and landmarks.

Tokyo-based TeamLab sues Los Angeles Museum of Dream Space for copying their artwork

team lab mods
  • Tokyo-based art collective TeamLab has sued the Museum of Dream Space (MODS), a digital art museum in Los Angeles, for copying TeamLab’s 2015 exhibit “Crystal” and the 2017 art exhibit "Boundaries."
  • In the lawsuit, which has been ongoing for the past two years, TeamLab argued that MODS copied the two exhibits’ “use of multicolored flowers flowing across the ground, the streams of light/water cascading down the wall and onto the ground, and the interactivity of the work responding to the user’s proximity to the exhibit.”
  • MODS hit back with filings this week arguing that TeamLab has no grounds to sue in the United States, as the museum has no copyright registrations in the country. MODS further pressed that if the Japanese art collective had registered its copyright in the U.S., the elements that were purportedly copied are “either not original to teamLab, not protectable, or both.”
  • Founded by five friends in 2001, TeamLab has become a massive success following its opening in Tokyo in 2018.
  • MODS is reportedly founded by Dahoo, a U.S. subsidiary of a Beijing tech company that also produces light shows and 3D maps.

TeamLab, a Tokyo-based art collective, has sued the Los Angeles-based Museum of Dream Space (MODS) for copyright violation of two of TeamLab’s past exhibits.

In the lawsuit, which has been ongoing for the past two years, TeamLab accused MODS of closely copying their 2015 exhibit “Crystal” and the 2017 art exhibit first displayed at Pace London on March 1, 2017, “Boundaries.”

Michelin star chef is accused of plagiarizing a Singaporean nonya’s recipes and personal stories in cookbook

plagiarism in cookbook

A British Singaporean-born Michelin star chef is in hot water after a writer accused her of plagiarizing her cookbook.

The accuser: On Oct. 6, Singaporean and New York-based author Sharon Wee blasted out a statement across her social media platforms accusing Elizabeth Haigh’s debut 2021 cookbook “Makan: Recipes from the Heart of Singapore” of having striking similarities in recipes, personal family anecdotes and memories to her 2012 cookbook, “Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen.”