Girls’ Generation ‘Forever 1’ MV director apologizes for Tokyo DisneySea plagiarism accusations

Girls’ Generation ‘Forever 1’ MV director apologizes for Tokyo DisneySea plagiarism accusations
Bryan Ke
August 15, 2022
Shin Hee-won, the director of Girls’ Generation’s recently released music video, has issued an apology after Japanese fans accused him of copying the design of Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary emblem for a set prop.
On Aug. 5, Girls’ Generation marked their 15th anniversary with their comeback album “Forever 1,” led by the title track of the same name.
In an Instagram post on Sunday, Shin revealed that he not only produced and directed the music video of “Forever 1,” but also was in charge of its props.
First, I am sorry for causing trouble for members of Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment due to this controversy about plagiarizing a set design in the ‘Forever 1’ music video,” Shin wrote in Korean. “After being commissioned for this music video, I was involved in not only the planning and directing process but also the selecting the smallest props. Considering that, I am ashamed and sorry that I borrowed a design without permission.”
In his apology, Shin admitted that they did not look up the original source for the images that served as inspiration for the set design.
I was looking up numerous designs for the girl group’s 15th-anniversary and found images that I thought would be suitable,” Shin wrote. “We referred to them for the set design without checking the original source of the image. We have now checked that it is the emblem design for Tokyo DisneySea’s 15th anniversary. I give my sincerest apologies for using the design without thorough research or confirmation.”
The backlash started after Japanese fans took to Twitter to point out the similarities between the controversial prop and the Tokyo DisneySea emblem.
Twitter user @Kabosun3 even shared a side-by-side image of the two on Aug. 12, highlighting identical details such as the circular design and the font used for the number 15.
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Some Twitter users put the blame on SM Entertainment, the label behind Girls’ Generation.
Well it’s SM I’m not surprised,” one user wrote.
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SM’s penalty for evading tax seems not enough for LSM. He wants another lawsuit. Mamba mentality,” another user said.
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However, some fans were quick to defend the label and Girls’ Generation, with one user writing, “Is there any problem? SM has taken action first and already edited and deleted that part, please let the girls comeback in peace and full of positive vibes.”
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Maybe it’s inspired by Disney sea look at there outfit so colorful too,” another user wrote.
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