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Japanese YouTuber Goes Viral After Revealing Dorky High School Photo

Takumi Nakau, a very handsome Japanese YouTuber who is being described as what a “modern handsome Japanese dude” would look like, recently blew the minds of his fans after sharing a dorky picture of himself taken when he was still in high school.


Andrew Yang’s High School Yearbook Photo Proves He’s FLY AF

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is the real OG of #YangGang, and his recent post on Twitter revealing his old yearbook photos is the latest proof.

Loose, baggy clothes with semi long hair split in the middle are just some of the few fashion trends that young men sported a few decades ago, and Yang, a candidate running for the 2020 United States presidential election, was apparently very much into what was considered hip at the time, judging by the photos he shared on his Twitter on Thursday.

Photographer Brilliantly Captures What Happens When You Tell People They’re Beautiful

Professional photographer Mehmet Genç photographed women from various indigenous communities to see how they would react when told they are beautiful.

Genç, a Turkish travel photographer, goes by the name of Rotasiz Seyyah which roughly translates to nomad without a route. He worked for six years is IT in Istanbul before quitting his job to pursue his passion of photography.

These Photos Are Going to Stress You Out

In Kinfolk Magazine’s latest issue, photographer Aaron Tilley and set designer Kyle Bean were asked to create a photo series designed to evoke a sense of tension and anxiousness “In Anxious Anticipation.” Check out the photos below and see if they stress you out. 

Tilley told Mashable that the photos were made by taking “two everyday elements in each scenario and placing them in a paused point of time, just before they interact with each other and cause an accident, or trigger an event that would get your heart racing.”