Woman Exposes Creep Taking Pics of Her Legs at California Mall, Security Takes Zero Action

Woman Exposes Creep Taking Pics of Her Legs at California Mall, Security Takes Zero Action
Carl Samson
June 19, 2018
A man taking pictures of an Asian woman’s legs from under his table inside a California mall was caught red-handed.
Janelle Foronda, who just graduated from high school, was out with a companion at North County Mall in Escondido, California when she noticed a woman taking pictures of her surrounding area.
Image via Instagram / janelleforonda
Moments later, the woman came to her to report that the man next to their table had been taking pictures of her legs.
Image via Instagram / janelleforonda
Foronda took her frustration to Instagram when security failed to resolve the incident.
“I showed this to security and they told me they couldn’t do anything so here I am.
“About 15 minutes ago, I was at North County Mall with Kevin. We were just talking and eating. I noticed a woman taking pictures of me, or at least in my general area. I was confused until she came up to me. She said, ‘This man has been taking pictures of your legs this whole time.’”
Image via Instagram / janelleforonda
She expressed her disgust over the shocking encounter.
“I was shocked, so was Kevin. I was shocked, confused and scared. I’m still shocked. I’m numb right now. I can’t believe I could still be in public and be harassed like this. It’s absolutely disgusting, evil and unacceptable.”
Image via Instagram / janelleforonda
Foronda added that she had prior experiences of harassment, so she cannot let the incident pass.
She also warned others to keep an eye on the man, who remains unidentified and at large.
“I know police and any form of security won’t do anything, so here I am. Taking charge because no way in hell I will let this get out of my hands. Sexual harassment and assault has happened to so many people I know and has happened to me since I was a young girl. Getting cat-called to being harassed in my chemistry class junior year.
“This should not be tolerated. I hope he gets caught, but if not, please watch out for him.”
Image via Instagram / janelleforonda
Netizens chimed in with support:
“This is disgusting. I’m sorry you experienced that.”
“People like him don’t even deserve to walk this planet.”
“Why do people lack something so simple as respect? It sucks that this sh*t happened to you Janelle. If there’s ever a next time — f**king swing, these kind of people don’t get second chances.”
“That is absolutely terrible. I’m so sorry you had to experience that and that women in general are always at risk of such treatment.”
“What the f***. That’s so disgusting. You go girl! Preach.”
Images via Instagram / janelleforonda
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