Can You Find the Phone on This Carpet?

Can You Find the Phone on This Carpet?
Ryan General
July 11, 2016
There is a photo that is, once again, stumping the Internet.
This innocent image of what appears to be a white coffee table on a flower rug, has caught the attention of netizens. Apparently, there is a well hidden and hard to find object in it.
The tricky photo was uploaded on July 3 by Facebook user Jeya May Cruz from the Philippines with the caption: “Let’s play a game. Look for the cell phone.” It has since left thousands of people from around the world baffled.
It has been shared by almost 18,000 users and received nearly 140,000 likes. Frustrated users who have given up on the search have left a thread of comments.
A confused user, Iya Alcain Sunico, asked:
“Is there even a phone in the first place?” 
While other users including Brylle Estigoy, were more encouraging. He said:
“Keep looking, it’s there. Like love, it will come unexpectedly.”
Cruz later wrote a thank you for those who shared the image and made the photo viral. She wrote:
“Thank you everyone, I can’t believe this would become viral. I’m sorry if it made your eyes hurt and head ache … Thank you again!”
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